Saturday, July 25, 2009

today's the day!

I am ready for Big A's party! I don't think he knows anything about it either!

This morning he's down helping his dad and brother put in cement for a grain bin (so fun - not). So I got to decorate the cake (and I put it under tin foil in the fridge. I'll tell him he can't touch it until after supper because it's a special surprise from me because we didn't really get to celebrate his birthday yesterday because my parents were down...idk)...although Squirt clearly did NOT want me to do so (he kept spitting out his pacifier). But it's done.

All the utensils are in a cupboard we're rarely in. I am going to go to the store around 6:30 or so to pick up more ice cream. I really hope this all gets pulled off. As long as his brother doesn't spill the beans while working...c'mon Jon!

I'm excited to see everyone that's coming (or maybe coming)! There are quite a few I haven't seen in awhile, some I've seen more recently but I can't get enough of. And I'm planning on Moose getting a sugar high to help entertain.

I will post pictures tomorrow (hopefully...unless I spend the day sleeping after a few days of forfeiting my nap).

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EmmaP said...

oooh! i hope it all goes well!

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