Monday, July 20, 2009

such easy posts...

I was just laying down with Squirt last night on the couch and Moose comes up and lays on my lap, too. It was such a sweet moment - I had to have Big A search for the camera to capture it. The best part? Moose fell asleep there (at 8pm!). Just made me feel like the most loved mama.

Answer to yesterday's trivia pictures: Moose is in the pink bowl and Squirt is in the bottom bowl (and I noticed after I loaded them that the bottom picture has the date on it - darn it).
When Moose was born, Big A had that long, gorgeous curly blond hair (that Moose has now). He cut it in about September 2007 and has kept it either shaggy or short since then. I kind of miss those curls - he had them when I initially fell in love with him and when we got married.

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Orange Juice said...

ok that's a SWEET pic!

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