Thursday, July 23, 2009

a mish-mash of things

SO sorry for yesterday. To you, to my kids, to my husband, to God. I was GRUMPY myself! Part of it is that I go into 3am feedings and am grumpy and stay grumpy. This morning, I tried really hard to just go in and feed Squirt and be compassionate that he's sleepy, too, so he may not eat in 2.5 seconds. I think it's helped. I'm in a MUCH better mood today.

There are some things that just overwhelm me, though. I don't think I've fully gotten that Big A isn't with me every minute of every day like he was in Virginia. I don't think I've let myself miss him until recently. And, boy, do I miss him! Anyone know of any way that we can live for free and be together 24/7? haha

And I HATE chores. I feel like my laundry has multiplied (and I hardly wash the kids' clothes because they have so many at this point). It is NEVER DONE and it takes me forever to fold because Squirt wants held all the time. Dishes are worse. We used to have this deal where one of us would unload and the other would load...I wonder what happened to that...I should ask Big A. haha This homemaker stuff is NOT always easy.

I'm also curious. How much tv does your child(ren) watch in a day? Maybe if I had a realistic idea of tv time in other houses, I would stop feeling so guilty about how much Moose watches. Honestly, during the day, he probably watches 2 hours of adult tv (i.e. Good Morning America, Home Improvement, and Jeopardy!) and 2-3 hours of kid shows (i.e. Sid the Science Kid, Sesame Street, Curious George, Clifford, Super Why! - not all on the same days). And then at night....oh....well, the tv doesn't usually get turned off until just before bedtime. :S Is this normal?

It seems to me that I probably watched tv 24/7 growing up in my house. Just from how much I remember the tv on (all the time) and that I potty trained in front of the tv (as did Big A), and my parents' tv is still always on (they seriously leave it on for the dog when they leave).

I'll leave you with a picture of my boys. I think it's hilarious. Squirt is obviously MAD, Moose is saying "off," and Big A is happy as a clam.


Happy said...

I don't even want to tell you how much t.v. Noah and Caroline watch because I might end up embarrassed.

We are working on it, though...

One day at a time, dear, and you'll fall into a routine that works.

Of course we all have those grumpy days, though.

But morning arrives with God's grace and mercy each day.

Synergy Girl said...

All I have to say is that I bawled and Bawled with my is it that going from one to two is so hard?? Now I have four...and in a weird is easier...As far as the WILL NEVER KEEP just don't worry about it. Just get used to the big mound...maybe name it or something...I am still trying to figure that one out though...!!

Jen said...

glad you are feeling better. don't worry about the TV thing. After the babies were born Hayden watched TONS of TV. It will get better and even out a bit more. Squirt is still very little, give yourself time.

Alicia said...

i loooove that picture! and you know what...the tv's constantly on at my house...but the kids play, then watch for a minute, then go back and play...they don't really sit and veg in front of the tv...i just like the noise, i'm weird!! and honey...laundry is a vicious never ending cycle!

Aubrey said...

The TV is always on at our house too. Experts would probably say my toddler watches WAY too much. You know what though? So did my other 2 and they are just F-I-N-E.

Laundry. A never ending ugly cycle. Don't stress about it. And if you do happen to get to it, don't worry about folding. No one ever died from wearing a wrinkly shirt! LOL

Hang in there! I does get easier!

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