Sunday, July 26, 2009

I need this!

Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House is giving away a Bumbleride stroller...not just any stroller...a double stroller (details here)! A very cool double stroller that I could win. Big A would love the adjustable handles, Moose would love the adjustable feet rest, and Big A would also love the RED color. I would love it because it would get me out of the house with BOTH kids. I'm sure Squirt will appreciate it as he's awake more, too.

Go visit Two of a Kind...enter the giveaway...and send the stroller to me. :)


Me said...

I did. So...If I win, you'll have to give this stranger your address ;-)

Me said...

ah man! what i need is a TRIPLE stroller! I honestly never use the stroller I have. I find it much more fun to provide entertainment by trying to run after two toddlers at once, haha!

Appt went well, nothing too exciting. I am HOPING to post a belly pic tomorrow...if I can find the memory card for the camera.

Rion said...

I signed up for it, and if for some crazy reason I win, I will give them your address so you can bring the boys on a double whammy stroller ride.

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