Saturday, July 18, 2009

garage sales, being late, and constipation

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend. And it's not over yet!

Friday morning I went out BY MYSELF (gasp!) to garage sales. Big A stayed home with both kids and had a Daddy Day! I had fun, too.

But then it started...our speed sensor in our new/old car went out and Big A & Moose took it to the place we bought it on Thursday evening. Well, I went to pick it up Friday around 1pm. Got there at 2ish; they couldn't find my keys (it was under the mat) for only about 10 minutes, BUT I had to be home at 3pm.

Then my GPS took me on a gravel road (although I specifically have it set to avoid unpaved roads) so I had to drive 30-40 (yes, I'm a wuss) for about 5 miles. I made up time by going 82 on the interstate (oops).

So I thought I was golden to get home at 3, leave about that same exact time, in order to make it to the hospital where Squirt was born (an hour away) to do birth certificate stuff (that should have been done in the hospital but whatever), and a doctor's appointment at 4:15. Yeah, when we finally get in the car to leave for the doctor, I see the clock says 3:17. I was like, wtf? I thought I had made up time on the interstate - turns out the other car's clock is off. Darn it.

Anyway, we get down to where the hospital and doctor are. I get a call from our case worker for Medicaid and she gets the information about Squirt. About then I realize we've forgotten our Medicaid card, which the clinic must have at each appointment.

We go to the hospital and get that stuff taken care of (it took me a whole 2 minutes). Then we drive to the Health & Human Services office only to find out it's moved. We have no idea where the new office is; thankfully our GPS does. We get there and I go inside. The lady at the desk is completely lost - no case workers are around. After about 5 minutes, the actual lady who runs that desk comes back and tries to print off information so they can look up our information at the clinic to verify everything. She can't print it so she has to write down his number.

By this time we're seriously a half an hour late for this appointment. I HATE being late, hate it! So I'm in tears (ok this is also hormonally charged...) but pull myself together at the clinic. I fill out all the fun paperwork and show off Squirt to the secretaries up there.

We are weighing Squirt and I realize Moose has pooped (and Big A left his bag in the car). Pee-eww. Then I have to leave the exam room to pee. When the doctor comes in, I apologize for being late. And she says, "oh I thought I was just running late." Phew! Made me feel so much better. And she said we were doing good; we hadn't forgotten a kid! ha!

Squirt's weight is at 8 pounds 9 ounces (as of Friday) so we'll go back next Friday to check up on him again. I also learned I have a "poke" in my stiches. It sucks, it hurts. I can't find a comfortable position to sit in without it hurting. Can't wait for these to dissolve!

And poor Squirt hadn't pooped since yesterday at 4am. Then tonight he started to poop and I used his thermometer to help him out (eww, I know, but necessary). I couldn't take it so I had Big A come and deal with it. *shudder* sick, dude.

Not much else except we bought this HUGE diaper bag so we can carry all of the kids' stuff and our stuff in one thing. It's going to be heavy. Also been trying to find a double stroller.

Went garage sale-ing again. Got a lot of the stuff I needed (went through all the 0-12 month clothes to see what we needed yesterday) but I'm still needing 4T and 5T clothes for Moose. It's hard to fit him into his 3T pants and shorts because they aren't made for diaper butts. AND he's getting so close to not fitting in his diapers. BUT I think he's maybe getting ready to potty train. Sometimes (not all the time) he grabs his crotch - but that's hard to tell if it's a pee or if it's just hot and uncomfortable. *shrug* oh well, no hurry here...except for the diaper-fitting part! ha

Alright, I'm off to bed.


Your cool friend Cheryl said...

Moose must really be a big boy--my 2.5 yr old still wears 18-24 months and size 3 diapers.

BTW, I have the Zooper Tango double stroller--and we love it!!

jfrank said...

Have you checked out craigslist for double strollers?? a lot of them usuallly have pictures to go with and it will be cheaper also!!

EmmaP said...

oh hun! what a whirlwind! i must confess tho, that I was totally laughing. reading your blog takes me back to my first pergnancy... there are so many similarities here, it's uncanny!

Happy said...

Craigslist is a good idea for a double stroller...or the Pennysaver if you have those.

It took me awhile to find one also.

Hope you find one soon and hope you don't have another day like this one anytime soon!

Whew...I got tired just reading about it!

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