Tuesday, July 14, 2009

first day alone

My mom went home last night; she felt like she wasn't helping so I didn't need her (moral support goes a LONG way, though). So anyway, today is my first day alone with the boys.
It's going fairly well. Squirt slept from 4:15-7:15 (wow), I think slightly because at 4, he acted hungry then just slept so I brought him into bed. Anyway, so Moose woke up around the same time. Squirt was SO patient while I got Moose up and changed him, then changed Squirt, then got Moose's breakfast ready, and THEN fed him. Moose has done well, too. He is still loving in Squirt but I can tell he's slightly jealous (or just unsure about all of this) - he's thrown a few fits and tried to get me to play Guitar Hero (yes) while I was feeding Squirt. It's so hard to tell him no, I can't, but I really can't do that AND feed the baby (plus, I don't necessarily like playing GH all the time). He's had a few timeouts and a few scream/crying matches.
Big A has told me a few times to make sure I spend time with Moose, but I don't know how to do that. I don't want Squirt in his crib all the time alone. And he needs held sometimes. I know I'll figure it out but I just don't know how yet. Moose has also watched too much tv today. Ugh.
I am enjoying the day, though. I don't feel like crying (much...c'mon I'm still hormonal).
Be praying that things get easier for Moose and that Squirt's patience doesn't run out. And that maybe I could have even a small nap today.

This is how I found Moose napping the other day. He's just flat up against the slats of his crib - so funny. He had little marks on his forehead when he woke up. LOL I especially love his feet sticking out.

And I made this blanket for Squirt. It's really small, like, smaller than a swaddle blanket. Ha! But it fits him for now and I can always add on later.


Mama Kat said...

Both of the boys are seriously so beautiful!!

And PLEASE the mother's guilt is so unnecessary. Moose will learn and he'll be ok. Maile was the same way, but you know...I held Maile all the time when she was that age and it was only fair that Laina get similar love'n.

It sounds like you're doing great! I hope you got that nap in!!

Kelsey said...

One of the best things that they make for babies are those infant floor mat gyms. Because Squirt is so little and can't roll over and will pretty much stay where you put him, you can stick him on that and play with Moose in the same room. In a few weeks he can start looking at the toys, ect. Anyways, it's a clean, portable place to put him so that he can be in the same room as you and not in his crib.
One of my favorite products right now is the Bumbo seat. I don't know if you had one for Moose or not, but these things are awesome! Especially for two kids! The kids that I watch on Tues and Thurs are 23 and 5 months. B (23 M) is your typical energetic toddler and constantly running around, ect. He always wants to play catch and needs me to have both hands ready. S does not want me to put her down at all and for times like this, I can put her in the Bumbo and she can still be sitting next to me, playing with her toys, while I have my hands free. She can't hold her head up yet and I think you can start putting them in there as early as 2 month..not sure, but you may want to check it out!

EmmaP said...

so cute... my oldest 2 are 4 years apart, so the 4 yrd old was old enough to understand. however, my 2nd and 3rd were 22 months. as soon as my daughter was born, my middle child was JEALOUS! he wanted to have a pacifier again. he said he wanted bottles, etc. I know he thought if he was a baby again, he'd get attention. so, i used to have "mommy time" with him. I would say, as soon as the baby goes to sleep, it's "kadin's mommy time". then i would read him stories or play a game, etc. we only needed about 15 minutes. and after a few corners (he spent his time-outs in the corner), he learned that if he was helpful and quiet while i was trying to get the baby to sleep, he'd have his "mommy time" soon. Also, on Sundays, when I would take a nap, he would come and nap with me, and of course, the baby would stay in her crib. So, he really liked that too. other than that, he got into things when i wasn't looking, cried a lot, etc. remember that terrible twos tend to creep up on you and you dont even realize it until it's too late. so, good luck with that. oh - and i remember when my second one was born i worried, "how can i possibly give my undivided, uncondtional love to BOTH children EQUALLY?" ... but you are right... you do eventually figure it out, and there is always plenty of love to go around. :) hang in there... prayers headed your way!

Alicia said...

soooo cute! what beautiful boys you have! btw....guess what i found in my hubs truck today? the package for moose he was supposed to send like a week ago (that he told me he had!!) so i'm off tomorrow to send it... that's what i get for trusting a man!

Aubrey said...

CONGRATS MAMA!! Could Squirt be any more delicious!?!? Just amazing!

Don't worry. You will find the perfect balance, it will just take time. You can't expect to have it down pat so soon.

Now that I know what color (LOL) of bundle you had, I am off to go gift hunting!! I'm so excited!

Melissa said...

Congrats!!!! For some reason your posts don't show up on my feed :( Very cute!! I wish I had advice for you to make it easier, but you'll find your way. After my oldest was born my doctor told me my son will teach me everything I need to know. And he's pretty right on.

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