Wednesday, July 29, 2009

can he do that?

Today I was coming home from Wal-mart and came through some road work. The 60 mph speed limit sign had the "fines doubled" sign under it. I was on my phone, going about 58 (our spedometer's off and I drive like a grandma). This cop on the other side of the road (with a grass median) whips it around. I think, "hmm maybe you can't talk on your phone here," but he speeds on past me and SPEEDS on past me (seriously, I thought he was going somewhere like a drug bust) only to slam on the brakes behind this truck in front of me who's going the speed limit for about a 1/4 mile. All of a sudden a 50 mph sign pops up on the side of the road (usually this is 60 mph the whole way) and the cop flips on his cherries to pull the truck over. How rude! Right? I mean, the truck probably takes this road like I do and doesn't realize the speed limit is about to change. That could have been me because I certainly didn't slam on my brakes to make 50 mph because I didn't realize the speed limit was going to change.
To me, it seems that the cop tailed this truck knowing that the speed limit would change and guessing that truck didn't know it was going to change. Can cops do that? I'm sure they can but it's just plain rude, especially when he sped up (breaking the speed limit because he FLEW past me) to bust the guy.


Rion said...

Most likely said cop was bored and not meeting his ticket quota. I would have fought it if you got the ticket, but its up to the trucker to fight it. I dont think it would hold up in court.

Jen said...

Its the end of the month and they have a quota to make, I think.

EmmaP said...

yep...end of month quotas... gets 'em every time! :)

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