Thursday, July 16, 2009

The boys are still doing well. Today's tantrums were a bit more, but I'm trying my best to be compassionate toward him but still be firm so he knows what's allowed and what's not. I don't know how Squirt sleeps through the screaming, though!

I'm still not happy about the amount of tv being shown, but sometimes I just need a distraction for him. I would play with him but that interests him for about 2.5 seconds. And apparently (as I learned yesterday) I'm not supposed to color with him. He threw a FIT! *shrug* who knew? lol

It's pouring; it feels nice to have the A/C off and the doors open. Global warming, my butt. And I'm not complaining; I love this 80 degree weather in July!!!

Oh! In case I forgot to tell you (and I think I did), we decided not to have me nurse Squirt. He wasn't latching on AT ALL at home; it was killing me. And I was just getting so stressed out and really just not enjoying any of it. I talked to a nurse who suggested supplementing with formula, but then she said "you should be enjoying him" and I realized: I wasn't. At all. And I'm mean when I get frustrated that badly; poor Big A!! I don't like being that mean to him when he doesn't deserve it (and he never has deserved it). I was the same way when I tried to nurse Moose. And so we gave Squirt a bottle and he was like in a comatose state - just relaxed and sleepy and content. Beautiful. Big A said, "I'm sold." The cost sucks but I think we agree that my sanity is more important. And, having been through 2 days alone already, I would have been SO stressed out both days and just would not have had fun at all. So I'm pleased and I don't have any guilt over it at all. It's what's best for my family. :)

Edit: I got a warning from Facebook saying that I put up a picture that violated their terms of publishing. I'm fairly sure it's a nude picture of Squirt right after birth (covered in all the yuckies). That means someone complained about that. Who would be offended by that? I am pretty sure I have or had a picture (or a friend does) of Moose right after birth & so do a lot of my friends who have youngsters. Ugh.


Jen said...

I did the same with my kids. Breast or bottle you have to do what is right for you and the family. Hands Down.

Rion said...

If you want I can take that picture and put a caption over the wee wee making fun of facebook. (They gave me a warning when I went through and sorted my friends list, saying I was spamming my friends?) I wont mind. :D

Me said...

The cost of formula is outrageous! I don't know what kind you're using, but I would recommend trying the generic. I used Parent's Choice with my girls and didn't have a problem, plus, you get twice as much for the cost.

Also, try looking into your local chapter of WIC. If you qualify, it's a HUUUGE savings, as they will supply 9 12oz cans of formula a month if you qualify.

Good Luck! Glad you're not feeling the stress :) And 100% glad you're not feeling guilty. I did for the longest time, but have realized a happy, healthy family is actually the aim, NOT an unhappy, stressed, yet breastfed family, haha.

Kelsey said...

Yay for bottles! Personally I would think that it would be so much easier than b/f. Plus you don't need to be home every 4 hours to feed the baby, you can leave a bottle. Whatever works for you is what's important.

The FB thing is ridiculous. I have seen tons of newborn pics like that and I've seen pictures on girls from schools profiles that are WAY more inappropriate!

Happy said...

I'm glad you are able to make a decision that's best for your family without guilt. You don't need it. Squirt will thrive on formula and you will thrive as a mommy with sanity intact!

The first days home alone are tough going from one baby to two. Hang in there, it too gets easier and better with time. I wish I lived closer!

It was so fun looking at all of your pictures...Squirt is a CUTIE pie! Makes me so anxious for November!

You'll slowly find some balance in your days as a mother of two. I'll be sure to keep your family in my prayers.

Mitzy said...

Hi there!
I found your blog Via Rebbecca( happy Heart)

Congrats on your new baby!!

I have 3 boys ages 8, 6 and 2

With My 3rd son I was under such stress, and had post partum depression.. I bascially lost my milk supply :-(..
I struggled for 3 weeks, until a very good friend said.. Give him a bottle.. and I have to tell you it was the Best thing for him!!, and me and my whole family!!!

The formula was exspensive, but he has thrived!!.. and so will your little guy!!!

Its best that You are at a low stress level, and like the nurse said.. You need to enjoy your new baby!!!

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