Monday, June 8, 2009

WHAT THE *&%^???

My hips have finally stopped hurting, thank YOU GOD! my pelvis hurts. And I mean, it hurts worse than both hips put together. I talked to my doctor about it and she said it's normal (and apparently, I hurt like this with Moose, too - I don't remember haha).

It's getting ridiculous, though. I get up, you know, the 50 times a night to pee. Every time I stand up, I just feel this rush of....not PAIN but sucks. I know, pregnancy is a blessing and I'll be done soon, but it still hurts. And now the little squirt is RIGHT on top of my bladder and it hurts, too. Can you bruise your bladder?

Last night while I was trying in vain to get comfortable, I was talking to the baby. I was telling him (or her) how excited I am to meet him (or her!). I really am. I'm scared (to death) about all the changes and challenges of having 2 kids, but I'm really ready. That's so odd. I was NOT ready for Moose to come when he did.

I am scared, like I said, too. I'm afraid of regression, jealousy, or plain hatred from Moose. I don't dwell on those often because I really have a feeling he'll do well. He likes babies, doesn't get jealous when I hold other babies, and is pretty independent. But I know that you never know how #1 will act when #2 arrives until that big day. I just really feel it'll go well for us.

Apparently my mom is coming down to stay with Moose while we're in the hospital. I'm nervous about that a LOT. It will be the first time he and I have ever been apart for a night ever. I asked Big A if he could just stay in the hospital with us - that got shot down. I know, I know. I'll need my sleep, blah blah. But I'm just going to miss him so much.

So many changes in such short time. Are we crazy or what?


Aubrey said...

I got chills just reading this! The excitement and unknown of the second baby!

Everything will be OK!

Rebecca said...

Will it help if I tell you how everything you expressed in this post is so normal? That I felt all of those ways (and more) in the later stage of being pregnant with my second? I know it doesn't make you feel all that much better (and your pelvis is still going to hurt) but mine did too and I worried about all those things.

Especially staying in the hospital without my Noah. When my parents brought him to the hospital to meet his little sister I cried at the sight of him! (hormones...gotta love them!)

This is such a raw time, emotionally speaking. But, you are's a very special time and it is almost over! Savor these last days! Soon they will be but a memory!

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