Monday, June 15, 2009

Tip Junkie's Going Dot Com Birthday Bash

That wonderful Tip Junkie is at it again! She is hosting a Going Dot Com Birthday Bash. Click on the hyperlink for details or keep reading.

She wrote, "Tip Junkie is 2 years old! To celebrate as well as feature some of the amazing women who have joined the Mom-prenuer Shops, I have set up the Going Dot Com Birthday Bash where there will be 10 winners every day this week!"

Click here to check out the amazing prizes, and really, they are amazing. I would by lying if I said I wouldn't mind having any of them. They're really beautiful!


Happy said...

Oh my are you a blogging machine! There was quite a bit for me to catch up on! First of all, congrats on the new wheels! We currently have one car (a mini van) and are hoping to get a second one in the fall. Something cheap. Cause we're like that.

I'm sure it's liberating being able to get around!

With regards to your sling post...let me know what you decide as I like the idea of a sling, but the one I have didn't suit me well. I wouldn't know the specific brand other than to say it does have a ring because it was a hand me down. I just could never seem to adjust it quite right. Either I felt uncomfortable in the shoulder area or the the baby looked uncomfortable...I'm sure it was operator error though!

So glad to hear you love your church and enjoyed such a great sermon on Sunday...there isn't a better way to start the week!


Shannon said...

hey lady! i hear you have a car? fun stuff. :) it was so good to talk to you on the phone the other day...sorry i wasn't super great at conversation...being lost puts a damper on my witt and humor. ;)

Aubrey said...

I heard she was becoming a! How exciting. I haven't really taken the time to LOOK around her place. I know if I started...I wouldn't be able to stop. Next think I'd know, the whole day would be gone! LOL

Hope you win something!

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