Wednesday, June 10, 2009

This is SEWIOUS!

Ok, I have Wonder Pets on the brain and can't get their songs out of my head. But that's not what this post is about.

Here's the latest baby bump picture (with much commentary):

Last doctor's appointment, we talked about inducing July 10 or 11. Do you realize how close that is? It makes me choke on the air! I will never again be the mom of one child; I will have two kids to look after and love and be creative so they don't get bored for. (EDIT: I'm being induced because Moose was SUCH a big baby and did some damage, so we're trying to avoid more damage or a c-section).

Once again, I will dress a baby in only a onesie. I don't even remember when Moose last fit into a onesie.
Once again, I will nurse a baby and/or feed one with a bottle. No baby food for awhile...more preparation when that time comes.
Once again, I will wake in the middle of the night (numerous times) for something other than to pee.
Once again, there will be milestones: rolling over, crawling, standing, laughing, smiling...then walking, running.

Differences this time around?
I already have Moose so I'll have to keep up with him and keep close to the new baby.
I'll have to be more organized so everyone gets fed appropriately (including myself!).
No baby shower this time least that I'm aware of. (what do you write in that portion of the baby book??)
No (new) stretch marks!
Two kiddos to walk with and start losing the baby weight.

So many other things are the same and so many things are so different. The excitement I feel is definitely not new; I was so excited when Moose came. The scared feelings are different; I was scared with Moose but not like this.

Anyway, I'll probably have a few more posts similar to this before the baby's due. It's just....very different and very new and exciting/scary. So many things.


Rion said...

Random question.

Why are you being induced? Nowadays it seems everyone either gets induced or a c-section, though mom says they've stopped doing the scheduled c-sections unless they are necessary. Is there a medical reason or is it just convenience. I am totally curious!! :)

Alicia said...

How exciting!! I remember when I had my second...I was terrified! But Moose is going to love having a baby brother/sister, the older siblings are such a will make you realize just how big they really are!

Aubrey said...

Personally, I would LOVE to send you a gift. A little bloggy something from me to you! Pretty please with a cherry on top!?!? Email me your address!

You look super cute!

Kelsey said...

You finally got a bump picture up :)
You look adorable.
Enjoy the last few weeks of pregnancy!

Your cool friend Cheryl said...

I had so much anxiety before our second was was going to be such a huge change! And then...everything fell into place pretty much on its own!

Your belly is so cute! Enjoy your last few weeks of being pg.

Honey Mommy said...

You'll do great! I actually found it easier to adjust to having two boys than I did to having the first one!

At least this time you kinda know what you are doing, right?

Stacey said...

You look gorgeous :)

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