Tuesday, June 16, 2009

new name!

You like the new blog name? Big A thought I should be more numerically correct so here it is:

S Club 3.85 - an almost-quartet

Ha! I love it; he's so funny. Only about 26-27 days until we induce! Woo-hoo/Eek!

I told Big A today that I just feel time is going to go SLOW until Moose's birthday and then go by TOO QUICKLY!

And I've changed my mind about the birthday party. I'm going to decorate all the cupcakes with the Wonder Pets symbol rather than as the characters. I just don't think I'm up for it (plus, I don't know if I honestly have the talent for Linny haha) - not with a one-almost-two-year-old to chase around and an eight-almost-nine-month-old-in-the-womb baby to carry around. Makes me sad because I was seriously gung-ho about Moose's birthday last year, but I know it's the thought that counts (and he probably won't remember this). And there is still much thought and LOTS of love going into this party - well, the cake. The party is easy - no games because he's still too little for them (and there will only be 3 other kids there and 2 of them aren't ready for games) so really it's just cake. :)


Heather said...

I'm sure Moose will love his party! And the name change is too perfect. What a cute little family.

Jen said...

I LOVE the new name. It totally fits.

Aubrey said...


The new name is GREAT!

I think at his age, cake is great! That's all that really matters...well, to me! Give me a BIG piece!

angie said...

LOVE the new name. It's the first thing I noticed!

Synergy Girl said...

Love the name! It reminds me of a halloween costume that I designed for my hubby and I!! When I was preggo with #4, I got matching basketball jersey outfits, and cut a hole out of the front of mine, and wore a bright orange spandex undershirt that had the black basketball lines on it. The front of his jersey said "SHOOT" and the front of mine said "SCORE" and the backs featured our team name "THE PROCREATORS" and our number "3.5". Everyone got a kick out of it, and it was a ton of fun...THE END!!

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