Saturday, June 13, 2009

new car - eek

We did it; we bought another car. It's always kind of scary when you make big purchases (especially when you have a new baby on the way, too!). However, we felt this was kind of necessary.

Now if Big A has to work, I can take myself to my doctor appointments or Moose to his. I can go grocery shopping or elsewhere. I can go to friends' houses now (anyone want to hang out?). When MOPS groups start up again, I can find one I like and go to that!

It's liberating to have a vehicle, even if we won't use it ALL the time! But it's also a comfort thing: you know, what if Moose gets hurt or sick? Now I can take him to the doctor myself (instead of having to call an ambulance).

Well, my little after-bath streaker is coming to find me. So ttfn.


Honey Mommy said...


I think I would go crazy without a car! I take my boys grocery shopping, doctor's appointments, you name it!


Kelsey said...

Congrats!! What kind did you get?
I never realized how much more I can do, now that I have my own car. Such wonderful freedom!!

jfrank said...

what kind!! Hope you enjoy it!!

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