Thursday, June 4, 2009

I know I sound like a skipping record

but this is just so hard. I hate sleep training. I hate letting him cry. It goes against my very motherly instincts to just rock him. But I know if I did that, I'd be in his room every night sleeping in his recliner/rocker with him in my arms. Or, better yet, I'll wind up on Super Nanny for letting my kids walk all over me.

Those facts don't make this any easier. The worst part is that we did this with him when he was 3 or 4 months old. It sucks! Shouldn't I be done with this? Twice with the same kid? Ugh.

It's been 10 minutes of non-stop bawling and shaking his crib side (yes, we put the side back up just to keep him in because otherwise he'll just come out of his room or - worse - pound on his door so bad that it shakes him terribly). Silence. Is he asleep? Big A went to find out. Hope he didn't kill himself or make himself sick.

Yeah, maybe checking on him was a bad idea. The silence is now replaced by more bawling.

I'm so not looking forward to nap times - doing this by myself. How is that possible? I don't even know if I can put him down in his crib with this big ol' belly in my way.

Alright, 4 minutes and silence again. I guess this is just how it'll have to be until he figures out that he needs to stay in his own bed.

Now the big question: will he wake up at 2am again and start this all over again? THAT I'm not looking forward to.

Any magic cure-alls for this (you know, other than tranquilizers)?? Good night.


Anonymous said...

i have no idea. I don't remember the boys ever being like that. :( sorry

Yours Truly said...

You just have to tell yourself your son is old enough now to sleep all night and put himself to sleep. And when he screams like that he's just wanting your attention, when he realizes it wont get him anything he will stop. All this coming from someone who cant stand to let her child cry it out lol. I will someday.

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