Friday, June 19, 2009

i am so proud

Big A passed his written CDL test today!! He's been taking it the last 3 Fridays (maybe?). There are 4 tests and he passed one of them last Friday. Then he passed the other THREE today! It just makes me so happy for him because I know he was getting down (sometimes you can totally tell how his upbringing and lack of confidence from his parents just infiltrates his self-esteem...but that's a whole other post). I just kept telling him that he could do it and I prayed over him last night that he could do it if it were His Will. And he did it! Apparently, this is a really hard test that a lot of people have a hard time with.

So now he just has to pass the actual driving test, and he gets his CDL (which also means a $.50 raise!)! But he's driven big vehicles before: a big truck (close to a semi) for his job prior to the group home, a Penske truck twice halfway across the country. I'm not worried for him but we'll see how it goes. Personally, I am never planning on taking the CDL because I'm a wuss. :) Seriously, I had troubles driving the 12-passenger van in Virginia - I hate those things.

But congratulations honey; we're so proud of you!


Happy said...

Congrats...that's so wonderful!!! My dad drives big trucks and has since I was a little girl. I used to love riding in them!

And, I'll apologize in advance if I've ever used the word "prego" or "preggers!" I know I probably have, but I'm not sure if I ever did in a blog post...I'll be sure to try some of those other adjectives you found!

LOVE the picture of the spaghetti sauce jar...really brings the point home!

Jennie said...

great job!!!!

Alicia said...

WOO HOO! way to go!

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