Friday, June 5, 2009

how wonderful!

I won a really cool thermometer. It's an Exergen Temporal Scanner! Kristen at All in a Mom's Life held the giveaway that ended yesterday - and I won! This is amazing, and let me tell you why (or go to her blog and read my comment as to why I need this).

I still take Moose's temperature rectally. I giggle right now only because I feel really bad about this. I've tried the whole armpit thing, and, to be honest, I just don't trust it. He's too young for an oral thermometer (which we don't have one of those at our house either). And we just haven't gotten an ear thermometer.

We haven't bought a new thermometer, although we've talked about it plenty, because Moose does REALLY well with the rectal one. He's never squirmed or acted like it hurts (of course, we lube it up for him) or even uncomfortable. We've always just laid him down, put it where it belongs, and gave him a toy or a book (but not all the time). He just lays there, maybe not happy as a clam but not mad.

Anyway, despite this, I have always felt horrible doing this to him. The first time I took his temperature that way, I cried (yeah, ask my husband). I felt horrible. How would you like that stuck there? It didn't seem fair to do to a newborn, but he was too young for the ear ones. And I didn't know anything about these cool temporal scanners until months and months later. Then I never saw one on the shelf at Wal-mart or Target (or just wasn't looking).

I am so thankful for Kristen's giveaway - I really am. I have been so blessed by this blog community, not only through prizes and gifts (although I really have been blessed by these) but by sweet, sweet women who have just enriched my life through advice, sympathy, and wonderful sweet comments.

But now, even Moose will be blessed by this blog community (although...he has too received a really cool birthday banner and a cool alphabet toy with his name on the box before) - and so will his tush.

Thank you!!!

***UPDATE ON SLEEPING: Last night we let Moose cry for 5 minutes, then realized that he was calming down so we waited 10 minutes. Big A made a small noise when going to check on him so then it was another 10 minutes until he fell asleep. Which actually, it was only like 5 minutes. We waited 16 minutes (I had a watch in front of me) until I checked on him (I'm not as large as Big A, so I make less noise haha). He was out. Yes! Fast forward to 2:48am. Waa-waa The kid's up again. Big A went in to console him without picking him up. 10 minutes of crying. Thought he was asleep, heard some more crying. And honestly, I fell asleep; I was exhausted. But he didn't wake up until after me and Big A around 7am. Yes! One night down, who knows how many more to go! ***


Rebecca said...

Congrats on the super cool thermometer!

And bigger congrats on a successful night of sleep!

Noah is 3.5 years old so the sticker chart is within his understanding. I'm not sure he would have understood it at 23 months either, but I have to say I've often underestimated his ability to comprehend since he's speech delayed and therefore couldn't tell me many things.

If you were to be interested in reading one more book on the topic Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child is supposedly the best. And I would concur except I wasn't always so good at doing what it said...:)

It goes by age so you could just skim to Moose's age for now and when the new baby comes you'll have a good reference to check out for him or her!

Oh...and since you had so much success last night really try for the same consistency the next couple nights. Supposedly, night three is the crucial night for trying to form a routine/habit...

Blessings! Have a terrific weekend!

ps. when are you due?

Rebecca said...

pps. sorry to leave such long winded comments!

Yours Truly said...

Hi. Stopping by from SITS. We've been having problems with landon sleeping since he was 10 months old. Now he's 18 months. So I know how exciting it can be to get to sleep all through one night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! How awesome that you won the cool thermometer. I won a bloggy giveaway last week and I was just giddy. They are so much fun.

Good luck with getting your cute son to sleep through the night. That can be such a challenge!

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