Friday, June 12, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You

Oh man, I loved this movie! PG-13 even! Star-studded! And (mostly) a good ending.

I adore movies that intertwine people. Crash, Vantage Point. I just love the whole "it's a small world after all" theme. It's so true.

The thing I didn't like about this movie? Drew Barrymore's bit part (c'mon, she's Drew Barrymore...give the girl a plot). And Jennifer Aniston looked old (sorry, Jen, you know I love you but your makeup artist in this movie should be fired). And I did NOT like Scarlet Johannson's skeezy part. Ugh.

My favorite part? Ginnifer Godwin (that's her name right? From Walk the Line?) reminded me SO much of myself in high school - and not in a good way. But I felt for her from that deep place in my heart. I was embarrassed when she was embarrassed. I was sad when she was sad. And I was happy when she was excited or happy.

Anyway, I enjoyed the movie with my friend, Monica. It was nice to have an adult conversation, that's for sure. Moose oogled her all night; saying "hi" in his cute voice, touching her feet and face, laying on her or putting his feet on her. He's a sucker for a brunette. Then he fell asleep at 8:30 - poor guy hardly opened his eyes as I was brushing his teeth (much nicer than screaming, though).

Yay for a good night with pizza, a sweet son and a good friend. And a good movie.

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Mary at My New 30 said...

Hi! Popping over to visit from SITS. You were on roll call ahead of me today.

Sounds like a fun movie - I'll catch it on HBO hopefully.

Your family is precious and congrats on your upcoming arrival! I have my 1st granddaughter due at the end of July. I only have one son, and they had a boy almost 2 years ago, so these two grandbabies are probably gonna be it for me!

Well, just wanted to swing by and say hello - have a great weekend!!

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