Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day, Big A!

My Love,
I can't imagine a day better suited to thank you.

Thank you for our beautiful children.
*I hope they all grow up to be like you

Thank you for asking me to marry you
*especially for asking me here:

Thank you for always protecting us
*I know that we're safe and secure with you

Thank you for providing for us
*staying home with our babies means so much to me (and you, too)

Thank you for being a man of God
*and asking for directions (earthly & heavenly)

Thank you for helping around the house
*nothing would ever get done without you (yeah, you know it's true)

Thank you for not laughing at me when I call you crying about cockroaches
*and for spraying for them

Most of all...

Thank you for painting my toe nails when I can't reach them
*they were looking nasty

Big A,
You are the best husband anyone could ever ask for. I know that many women do not have the love, support, and guidance that you offer. Although I realize this isn't "Happy Husband's Day," I do realize that everything you are is everything I want our son to grow up to be. Each day, I see him becoming more and more like you - and that fills my heart with complete joy (I mean, the kid's even left-handed like you are)! No one could ask for a better son or a better role model for him.
I love you with all my heart,



Alicia said...

he painted your nails?! cute!! happy daddy's day!

Noah's Mommy said...

yeahhhh...what a fabulous hubby you have....I hope you all celebrated a wonderful father's day

Happy said...

What a beautiful tribute to your man! Hope he had a lovely day!

Pregnancy update sounds exciting! The 10th or 11th will be here before you know it...or it could be sooner! Yay!!

Jen said...

what a great husband and father you have there!

EmmaP said...

that was beautiful! i think the entire blogisphere just fell in love with your hubby too! ;)

happy father's day!

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