Tuesday, June 16, 2009

do you enjoy life's simple pleasures?

I'm reading "Bringing Up Boys" by Dr. James Dobson (founder of Focus on the Family). I LOVE it! It has just affirmed what I know to be true: that my husband is a MAN, a REAL man (who I love to death), and that raising a boy is so important (not that raising a girl is unimportant, but if you read the book, you'll understand that it's just really different).

This is not my point to this post. It is actually about why we feel disconnected to others. I'm sure if we dig deep down, we all know that it is - in part - due to technology. We keep up with people on Facebook, email, MySpace, text messaging, etc, etc.

He says it a lot better than I can. "Are you one of these harried women running in endless circles? Have you found yourself too busy to read a good book or take a long walk with your spouse or hold your three-year-old child on your lap while telling him or her a story? Have you taken time to study God's Word - to commune with Him and listen to His gentle voice? Have you eliminated almost every meaningful activity in order to deal with the tyranny of a never-ending "to do" list? Have you ever asked yourself why in the world you have chosen to live like this?....When was the last time you had friends drop by unexpectedly for a visit?...There was a time when families made a regular habit of packing into the car and driving over to a friend's home for an afternoon of good conversation and a piece of banana-cream pie. It was one of life's special little pleasures...I'll never forget the times as a boy when I would hear a knock on the door...and a familiar voice would echo through the house, "Is anybody home?"...Sadly, that kind of spontaneous camaraderie is difficult to achieve in today's fast-paced world. The pressures and busyness of life have all but destroyed the sense of community that was once common among families and friends We seldom - if ever - drop in on friends unannounced. And even if we did, they would probably have to cancel a string of appointments in order to be with us. Thus, we go about our days, careening through life, glancing at our watches, and wondering why we don't have very many close friendships."

Wow. I remember friends of my parents calling out, "anyone home?" or my parents doing that at my grandparents' homes. I have never done that - well, not since college when I lived in the dorms. We schedule and make appointments with friends. Part of this is that friends live a distance from us. Many of us, I think, probably don't know our neighbors well. Our friends live far enough away that we need to drive to their house, and we know how busy they are so we ask when a good time to call is rather than just calling.

When was the last time you dropped in on a friend? I hope it wasn't long ago and that you'll do it again soon.

***Those of you dying to know what I'm choosing for my contest, I haven't forgotten. It's been put on hold this week as we've been running around (darn my request for a car haha). I have what I want to give away picked out; now I just need to order it. Anyone with experience in this giveaway stuff, let me know how you do it. It's something off of etsy. Do I contact that person or just put in an order? Do I tell them I'm hosting a giveaway?? I have no clue haha.***


Alicia said...

I love when people just dropped by! It makes me feel so loved! I'm totally gonna go surprise someone tomorrow!

Happy said...

I love when people drop by to visit us. Our house is the visiting house in our circle of friends!

I have been meaning to read Bringing Up Boys for some time now. I'm going to get that on my library list now!

Have a good day!

Tiffany said...

I'm here, just crazy busy with camp!

Great book- one of my favs (which I think I've told you about) is "Raising Cain"

Only 30 days left????

Wow... time is flying!!!


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