Sunday, June 14, 2009

baby slings

It's too hot for me to sleep, so....I'm researching baby slings.

I really would like a sling this time to wear with this baby. I had/have a backpack-type carrier that I'll probably still use but I just really like the contact with slings. I want an adjustable one, preferably with a ring. And, if possible, I'd like to buy one that both I and Big A can wear.

Something like this:
Problem is, I don't know much about slings. I bought one that is not adjustable and it's probably too small so I think I'm going to pass it on to one of my smaller friends. The other problem? They are not cheap! $50+ and that may not seem like a lot to someone, but it is to me (especially with the new car).

So rock and hard place, here I am. Anybody have suggestions about slings (regardless of price, really)??


Mama Kat said...

I wish I could help...I don't really know. I used a baby bjorn most often. I tried those slings with Maile and never really liked them. I always felt like she was going to fall out...but then maybe I was just strapping her in wrong.

Me said...

I don't have a sling myself, but I'm definitely gonna get one with baby #3, when it gets here. But I was looking online and I really liked the Moby Wrap. I'm pretty sure they're for people of all sizes and about $35. it doesn't have the ring, but it looks really nice and a friend of mine loves hers.

Allegra Posts for Rose said...

I used an adjustable ring sling (as in the picture shown) and I also used a pouch. The pouch had a stretchy fabric and I must say I found the pouch, for me, much more comfortable. I have a friend who is the expert on everything slings and runs a successful shop in NYC. Here name is Bianca and you can write her at or go to her website: said...

I never did the sling with my three, but I have several friends who did and LOVE them! I will try to find out which ones they used and let you know. If I ever have a fourth I might be tempted.

Stacey said...

Oh, I love ring slings :) They are fast, easy, and fairly comfy for shorter wearing (like less than an hour with a larger child).

I sew them, but you might want to check out a few of these links for better priced slings that are, in my opinion, top quality.
I have the all natural cotton sling, which is on sale right now for $30.00! It's really really comfy and nice.
I have one of these. It's nice because of the sewn in pocket. So it fits like a pouch, but adjusts like a ring sling. It also has a closed tail, so not as much fabric in the way. I like bigger rings than she uses though. It's a bit hard to adjust. I buy medium sling rings from and sew them in myself. She has a few slings on sale right now under $50. One for $36.95. She also has a discount of 10% right now.
This is a Canadian store, and they make very high quality slings. They have free shipping, and the Canadian dollar should save you a little. They cost $44. Super deal!

I really think a good carrier is like an investment in your baby. If you can manage to purchase one of these slings, you won't be disappointed, and it will definitely be worth it! I would highly highly recommend jumping on the sale at Kimz Kreations! She is very popular for the style of shoulder she sews. Very very comfy!

Hopefully I didn't bombard you with too much info :) I just love sharing the love!

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