Thursday, June 4, 2009

are you kidding?

After a ton of crying (on Moose and my parts) at bed time, he finally fell asleep. He screams like....I can't even describe it. It's horrible. It makes me cry and I just want to hold him and hold him. But I know that won't solve our problems because he just wakes up when we lay him down.

Anyway, then around 2am, I feel Big A get out of bed. Apparently, Moose is crying and I'm oblivious. The same thing ensues: crying like he's terrified, rocked to sleep or semi-sleep, waking upon being put down, crying again and again and again. Seriously, this all loops together until around 4am!! 4am?!? What? That's when Big A goes to sleep on his floor. That works until Big A comes back in around 4:30 and shortly thereafter, Moose decides to come in our room. He scares the you-know-what out of me which makes me yell an explicative, which makes him cry. I pick him up and tell him it's ok, he just scared mommy, and I take him back to his room. I lay on his floor (which in my already uncomfortable stage SUCKS) until I can't take the tummy pressure (he wakes up every 10-15 minutes, I'm pretty sure to check if I'm still there). I move to his recliner/rocker which freaks him out (I just tell him mommy's still here, now lay down). Around 5 or 5:30 I can't take it, I need more sleep. So I pick him up and we go to the big bed, my bed. I lay with him until 6 when my stomach can't take being empty anymore. I placed a pillow behind him to keep him asleep. Big A decides to move him to his own bed, which wakes him up.

We've had breakfast and now I'm left with the question of how am I going to make it through today??? Big A says this will pass and I know this is true, as everything does eventually. I also know we can't sleep on his floor every night. I also know that we have a baby due in 44 days that will keep us up at night - how can we do this for 2 kids??

I just am at a loss of what to do. I'm tired and cranky, my back hurts, my head aches. I am just lost - sometimes I feel like I'm just tripping through motherhood.


Jennie said...

Oh Honey, I feel for you... this is one of those stages he is going thru... he may just snap outta it, maybe not... but I promise you one thing, it is just a stage... can't wait until baby #2 gets here... you look great by the way....

Rebecca said...

Let me say that I can not only empathize with you, but sympathize as well. I feel like we've been sleep training our 3 year old forever! I've got a third baby coming in November and I can't have him in our bed anymore!

Tonight will be night four of our latest attempt.

There should be a beatitude in the Bible that says "Blessed be the mothers who sleep train their toddler boys..."

I have lots to say on this topic...what's worked for us (and mostly what has not).

I know a big thing with us has been's so important to stick to the sleep training, but yet so hard! We always just give up and let him in our bed or in the middle of the night he crawls in without me noticing so much and I don't take him back to his room.

Is your little one just having trouble with monsters or sleeping in his bed in general?

I'm sorry...I guess I should have asked earlier.

I feel for you, though...especially as far along in your pregnancy as you are...nothing is easy!

Rebecca said...

Have you ever read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child? I did read that a long while ago. It's full of really good information, but the book didn't sleep train my kid for me!

We're currently using a sticker chart method with the promise of a toy once the chart is full. This means he has to sleep in his bed all night long.

We're on night far so good.

And I've heard so often to let them cry it out. And I want to sometimes. But it's so hard. Sometimes I feel badly for him because I know he's a bit scared of being by himself in the dark and other times it just gives me a headache!

I wish you the best as you try to find what works for you guys.

And that is key...every family will probably find something diferent.

Keep us posted!

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