Saturday, May 23, 2009

date night is canceled

Wouldn't you know it that the time my parents say they may come and spend the night, we bank on it and plan to go out to the movies. And wouldn't you know that my parents would call and say they're just going home instead and can't it wait until June 6 when my mom comes for a graduation. Yeah, sure guys. It hasn't been since February or anything. Oh well.


Melissa said...

Ehhh, sorry about the date night :) Luckily June 6th isn't too far away.

and thank you so much for the prayers. Luckily the urge to smoke is going away, hopefuly to not return for a while.

Yep, totally from the midwest! I have cousins in RI with their coffee milk and grinders. I'll admit, coffee milk as a concept grosses me out, but doesn't taste half bad.

EmmaP said...

awwww... that tear makes ME wanna come out and go to the movies with ya! hope you have fun in a few weeks... hope things are well with baby too!

Shannon said... last date night got canceled too. ;)

Mariah said...

can't you get a sitter instead?

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