Friday, May 22, 2009

very sweet giveaway

I can't stand posting about giveaways...well, at least the ones I want to win! All in a Mom's Life is giving away an EXERGEN Temporal Scanner.

Honestly, I think these thermometers are terrific; we've used ones like it in our doctor's office and it's so fast and easy.

Moose is 22 months old and I still use a rectal thermometer on him (you can say it, "poor baby"). I've done the underarm thing but found that I don't trust it at all (when it said 100 and rectally it was 103.8). And Moose is a trooper; he's honestly never squirmed as I've taken his temperature - not as a newborn, not now.

BUT...although he doesn't seem to mind, I mind. I feel terrible sticking that thing in his butt; I can't imagine I'd want that up my rear end. So it'd be awesome to win this giveaway so don't enter. haha! But if you want to know more, check out All In a Mom's Life.

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Aubrey said...

Oh how I hope you win! This is the BEST THING ever for little ones. I had to have one! If you don't win...let me know! I have an extra (& new) one in my medicine cabinet. I'll send it right over!!

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