Monday, May 4, 2009

This morning we go to get our Penske truck...and they didn't have it (or one the next-to-smallest size). Suck-y. And my Mr. Nice Guy husband just shrugs it off - I would have complained and gotten a discount. *shrug*
So now we won't be loading our truck until Wednesday. And we're trying to switch our schedule around to working today and off on Wednesday. We'll see if our supervisor lets us off just like he let another staff member have a day off (the day he asked for it), leaving us alone. If he doesn't, maybe we'll have to bribe him with beer or a motorcycle ride or something. That would probably work. From the sounds of it, it doesn't sound like he's willing to do this. However, we have 2 people on today, 2 on Wednesday so it does nf r [ UY;U't matter!!!! UGH - a

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