Monday, May 11, 2009

sorry no Mother's Day post

It was a fairly eventful Mother's Day...just not the way you think. We couldn't move in until today (and my amazing hubby totally unloaded the truck almost all by himself - I did a very small bit and that's all - otherwise, just him). Anyway, my parents came up to spend the day with us yesterday. It was fun - eating and seeing them. I got some new make-up for Mother's Day (and because Big A bought fishing stuff). That's fun, I guess.

Then we stayed at our friends', the Blanks. They were so nice to open their doors to let us stay there. Moose was running a fever and I went out and got him Tylenol (Infants because I didn't know whether 22 months is infant or children???). He seemed ok, not fussy or anything. He ate fish with us all and we all went to bed around 11pm or so. Then around 12:30am or so (I'm not good with times late at night), I was reading Angels & Demons (very good, mind you) and I hear Moose making some weird noise. I thought he was still just moving around, moaning, maybe cold because he was shirtless. However, then it dawned on me that HE WAS PUKING AND CHOKING. I flew over to him, practically killing Big A (who was on an air mattress). Moose was on his back - I think half asleep yet. So I picked him up and turned him over - he started whine/crying and spitting up still. I ran him to the bathroom and held him over the toilet. He was shaking so badly. The smell was AWFUL (and beyond that)! It was so bad that I gagged a few times (but I was determined NOT to puke - my boy needed me - I breathed out of my mouth), but Big A almost puked.
I took the baby upstairs to shower. I didn't want any of the people who actually live there to walk in on me naked so I just climbed in in my clothes and turned the water on. I didn't really bathe him, just washed the puke out of his hair and ear. I called the after hours nurses hotline through our insurance - and got told that we weren't enrolled. I hung up on the guy...I called him back later and he gave me advice - Moose's temp was only ("only") 104 so I should give him more Tylenol and wait an hour before making a decision. I didn't like this guy, so we all got in the car (I woke up Mr. Blank to tell him so they wouldn't wake up and be like wtf) and drove to the ER. But we called the nurses at that hospital and they gave me the same advice. I really hate that - can anyone tell me the difference between 104 and 105 degree temperatures??? Why does that one degree make a difference??? It seems the same to me.
But we (I) didn't want to wake the house up again so we just slept outside our new duplex in the car. Totally uncomfortable but I felt bad because it was so late and they had to get up for work. Well, the kid's temp went down - he's still running a small one today. If it's not better by tomorrow, I'll try to get him in to his doctor. I don't know. Just hate when he's sick.

But as his greasy, pukey head was laying on my shoulder pre-shower, and I was trying with all my might to not throw up myself, I knew I had to keep it together because I was mommy. Especially with daddy feeling queasy, I truly felt like this was my "mom moment." My son needed me only hours after the day that celebrates all mothers. He was perfectly content to lay his gross head of nastiness (at that time) on my shoulder and sleep.....but I thought he needed to smell better. :) Hence, the shower.
So maybe this isn't the cutesy, adorable Mother's Day post that you were expecting, but I was proud to be his mommy at that moment.


Studying to be a Mommy said...

So scary! But I get it... what we do for our babies. :) Enjoy the new place and getting settled in!

Jaime said...

Sorry your baby was sick! :( Funny story about puke though...One night my oldest was making all these weird sounds and I went in to take him to the bathroom (this is when we were trying to night train him) and I went and got him and went to hug him and he puked ALL down the front of me..including my face...and I laughed..Not at him just at the fact that I had just been puked on. Before kids I would have just puked right back on him but after kids it struck me as hilarious!

Kelsey said...

Oh my gosh, that was quite the ordeal!! Poor little guy (and you)! It is so scary when they have those high fevers and there is nothing you can do for them except hold them. I may not be a mom, but I've had to do that before with A and the only thing that has popped into my head has been, "oh, so this is real love."
Hope he's feeling better now! Maybe he was getting you ready for the new baby and all his/her spit up!

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