Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my boyfriend

I adore George Strait. I don't care how old he is (I'm not even sure how old he is - 50-something?). He is hot and his wrinkles make him hotter.

Big A is ok with this faux relationship. Pretty much because it's never going to happen. Ol' George looked pretty happy with his pretty little wifey sitting there at his tribute tonight. And she's gorgeous; I don't think I have a chance. *sigh* And I love my own husband - jeez.

Anyway, I loved the tribute to him tonight on CBS. Artist of the Decade. Woo hoo! But he could've been the artist of the last 3 decades, really. His music is so great. But they didn't even play any songs from Pure Country. Kind of disappointing for me because I LOVE that movie! But I still love him and as I told my husband, if I met him I'd let him sign my boobs (kidding, of course, because then you'd have to wash it off). But it was funny; Big A laughed. :)

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Aubrey said...

There is just something yummy about him! I LOVE the movie Pure Country! I could watch it over and over and over again!!

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