Thursday, May 28, 2009

I sound like a 5-year-old girl...

...but, how do you make friends? I promised Moose I would make him (and me) some friends when we moved back here. Now, I know we haven't even been here a month, but I just have no clue how to go about making friends, especially pint-sized ones.

I've never been the best at making friends. Really, I don't have a lot of close friends (mainly 2, in fact). I have quite a few good friends, but just not a lot of friends in general. Friends I can have play dates with, you know? Well, and we're limited on that because they would have to come here; we have no way to get anywhere. I mean, we could meet at the small park around here, but it would still be them coming to us. Not that I wouldn't LOVE to go somewhere (Children's Museum, zoo) and meet them; we just have one vehicle though and I'm so not walking that far!

But I'm not exactly who you would describe as "cool." I'm one of those in-between people who gets along with generally everyone. But I just want Moose to have friends; he needs that social interaction (and no, mom, I'm not sending him to daycare).

How do you make friends? Or are you just one of those magnetic women that other women just flock to?

And who wouldn't want to be friends with this little guy??


Anonymous said...

well i will always be your friend and Mooses'...but I know I'm not what you need as far as playdates go.


Shannon said...

did you try looking up MOPS groups in the area?

Aubrey said...

I'm in the same boat. We have been in our neighborhood for almost 2 years. It is a neighborhood with lots of small kiddos and moms my age. I just don't relate. They are snooty and me? NOT.

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