Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Family Feud

I was going to go into the whole story but it's long and irritating. Basically, my grandmother and one uncle thinks the sun shines out of the @$$ of my cousin. It's always been a thorn in the foot of the rest of us grandchildren. Now that speciality has transferred to her daughters. Makes the mommies of the two great-grandsons (me and my other cousin), feel like our sons are getting the shaft. You know how mommies are; we get mad when we feel like our kids are getting screwed.

So my cousin's status on Facebook has been just about how she's ticked off and is tired of it all. And our uncle keeps commenting on her statuses. This is just upsetting her and is honestly not becoming of a 40-something-year-old man. I think it's ridiculous. Especially when he brings up how he felt left out because his brother (my cousin's dad, not mine) made him feel left out because he told his kids and apparently the sun shine cousin to stay away from our uncle because he's gay. Now, why would you bring this up to people that had nothing to do with it. If you feel hurt by your brother, you go to him and talk to him about it, not take it out on his kid.

I don't know. I just think it's all childish. I let my sunshine cousin do her thing, but I don't let her drag me into the drama (mostly). If she says she disciplines her kids, I'm not going to argue. If she says her kids' teeth rot just because, fine, I'm not going to argue. It's her life and if my grandma lets her borrow money, that's her business. But when my uncle tries to start a feud over Facebook, I get annoyed. Grow up, people. We're family and we may not always like each other, but seriously? All you have to do is ignore - a lot of ignoring.


Synergy Girl said...

Hey there! I saw ya on SITS, but I love the things you have to say...especially about family drama!! It gets SOOOO old trying to deal with adults acting like they are in the midst of high school...erg! But I do agree with you on the fact that when it involves our kids getting screwed...That is when I have a problem with it...

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds so irritating.

Isabel Princes said...

It's like a soap opera. I think you have the right attitude though, just ignore it and vent on your blog! Free therapy and no one gets hurt.

You could totally make money scrapbooking! Kinda like paint by numbers scrapbooking for non creative moms who don't want to feel left out. Or you could start a scrapbooking supply store and offer classes, workshops, or rental space for women who need to get out of the house to finish it. Or even lapbooks too.

Oh, and grinders are like a toasted sub, only not like quiznos, much better.

angie said...

Gotta love family drama.

And LOOK at you. Your beautiful pregnant tummy. You look wonderful. Wonderful.

EmmaP said...

sounds like a new TV Show... "Redneck Facebook"...hehehe! she can remove his comments. I started doing that, and they stop. and i decided if a certain someone can't keep it "nice" i would de-friend. phyllis diller said it best with a sign posted outside her dressing room: "Friends Welcome Anytime...Family, by Appointment". HA!

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