Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have been trying very hard to think of something to write this weekend. We had a good weekend.

A friend of ours had a baby in April and our old church held a baby shower for them. I had a good time talking with people from church, updating them about our lives. Big A was helping out his old employer, the dad from the A-team (the shower was for his wife and new son). So I got Moose. Which I don't mind, but sometimes he's a handful especially when I can't chase him all the time. I was so scared he was going to knock one of the glasses off the table or break the punch bowl, but he did really well running away from the tables.

Then I followed the A-team mom out to their farm and we got to hang out with her and the kids. I always have such a good time hanging out with them! She fed us cereal and good cow milk - so I was happy!! It's just always nice to have someone with kids Moose's age that can give me advice on things I'm clueless on (like breastfeeding) or also just to talk with. And Moose loves her girls and they all get along really well. Yeah, so it's just a relaxing atmosphere, you know? I hope I can repay her kindness with any tips I have on raising a boy - haha.

Friends of ours got married later that afternoon. The wedding was short and sweet and to the point (my favorite kind), but also beautiful. It was nice to see some people from college we haven't seen for awhile. There was good food at the reception and good cake and cold water, so I was again happy. lol The dance was good for the short time we stuck around. I got 1 1/2 dances in with Moose until he fell asleep while I was dancing with him. The first dance we did was a family dance; I LOVE dancing with my boys. I think it's sweet. But when Moose fell asleep it was time to go home. Kid slept all the way home (about an hour and a half) and until 5 this morning.

Big A got up with him and let me sleep in (thank you!). We went to church and heard a state senator talk about an ultrasound bill that will make it mandatory for a woman considering an abortion to have the option to look at the ultrasound before the procedure. There was more about following God's path for us and basically not leading ourselves and our children into temptation. It was a great service and we met a very nice older couple.

We had lunch at a park and played a little bit before going shopping! I had a gift card for the maternity store at the mall and so I used it and went over (of course) with the blessing of my sweet husband to buy 2 shirts, jean capris, and a nursing bra (with plenty of room to grow and for nursing pads)! I also bought some flip flops.

The sweetest thing was when I was trying on clothes, the saleslady brought me this black tank top with cinched sides. I tried it on just for something to try on; it was out of the price range I was shopping in. When I stepped out in the capris and that top, Big A said I look elegant. I about started to cry. I don't think I've ever been called that before. And he made me buy that top because he said I looked elegant in it. Isn't he the best?

Anyway to sum up our weekend, I love my husband and he's the greatest! :)

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Noah's Mommy said...

He is the best...lots of brownie points....glad you had a wonderful weekend...nothing like helping others celebrate happy occasions...

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