Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dear Moose

Dear Moose,
Yesterday was your first day in your new big boy bed. I know you probably were confused at naptime when I laid you down in this strange new bed. I didn't really mind kneeling by you and laying my head by yours, telling you "shh," "shh," until you fell asleep.
Daddy put you to bed last night because my back's been hurting lately. I think he had it easier because you probably didn't see that the bed was different in the dark.
I heard you right away when you cried during the night. As I raced to your room, I (again) felt the heart-pounding joy that I'm your mommy. When I opened your door, your scared little face lead me to believe you fell out of bed (as did the rumpled covers on the floor). I squatted to your level and you came to me and just clung. You certainly do have quite the grip when you're frightened (or want to suck up). I was prepared to bring you in to our bed (not realizing what time it was - before 2am), but I had to pee (badly). I took you in to Daddy and he rocked you back to sleep. I heard you cry once when he first tried to lay you down. He said he went back in your room and you were (for whatever reason) standing with your nose to your wall. Poor baby, you probably couldn't see very well and were just so confused so you found a solid place and stayed there. But you did go back to sleep until about 6:30am.
I was so proud of you when I went to get you out of bed. You were IN your bed, covers still somewhat on you. My little baby is growing up. Although it makes me sad because in my heart you'll always be my little baby, I am so proud of you. Every new milestone you reach (and exceed) makes my heart soar!
Only a blink of an eye ago, you were just a babbling newborn and now you're my little superstar singer! I absolutely love when you sing "Amazing Grace" or "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (or even the "Wonder Pets" song). Of course, the words aren't quite there but the tunes are and the tune is pretty accurate. It's beautiful music to my ears.
I love to watch you play with cars, making your little "mmmm" noise and "bee bee" for the horn. It's cool to see you so entertained by yourself (you've always done well with that).
There are so many things that I love about you; I could talk forever (and I do if I get the chance). But as we spend the next few months (the last few months of your one-year-old year) together, just know that I love you and am extremely proud of you. You are honestly the best kid I've ever met (and definitely the cutest!).


PS Thank you to my wonderful husband for finding a glider (with ottoman) at a garage sale for only - $20!!! Woo hoo!One of Moose's last naps in Virginia and in his crib....


Aubrey said...

Awww! So bittersweet. He may be even more confused when he sees a new little one in "his" bed! LOL

I can't believe how early you switched him over! He was ready way before my little one was!

Shannon said...

my interview was at sabetha

Kimba said...

I just moved my little guy into a big boy bed this week too!

Stopping by via SITS, and I've already bookmared you to be back!

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