Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a nice surprise - sort of

Today we were at a mall, looking at a pair of sandals for Big A. We walked around because we had time before supper and ended up at Payless. I went in to try on some shoes, see if there's anything I like (because my black heels broke - boo). I didn't see much I liked (heels WAY too high for being this pregnant - ouch) and this guy and his mom were crowding me. So I walked out where I thought Big A & Moose were just walking around. I see them in a jewelry store. I go in and asked him what he was doing. He smiled and I told him let's go, I don't need anything in here (I mean, I have my wedding ring and I don't wear much more than that). He says he's looking so I go and look around Macy's or something like that. I walk back out and he comes up and asks for his wallet and check book. I tried to dissuade him: no I don't need this, please we need the money for the new baby and moving, etc. He insists. So I hand over the check book and wallet and go sit on a bench. He comes out with this little black bag and we walk out to the car. I buckle Moose in and get in the front seat where the bag is just waiting for me. I opened it and this is inside:
Now, I LOVE this necklace. A lot (sorry the picture isn't the best). Let me tell you why. It reminds me of my engagement/wedding ring. The little rectangular diamonds are the same and it's sort of twisty like part of my ring. It's just beautiful.
I asked Big A if this was my Mother's Day present; he said it was just because (I did tell him he could give it to me again on Mother's Day haha). What a sweetie. And apparently Moose said "mom mom mom mom mom" when he saw this one. :) I love these guys. Thank you!


Tiffany said...

Hang on to that guy.. not because if the jewelry, but because of the thoughtfulness.

Let him treat you like a princess, it's a great role model for Moose- and you totally deserve it.

Kelsey said...

It's beautiful! So happy for you.
I've been on a blog hiatus (obviously), but it's been nice to read up on you and see that baby #2 is growing nicely!
Are you excited about the job resignation? I remember you talking about it before. Good luck to you guys!

Shannon said...

i think you should take the "sort of" out of your title. a beautiful gift from a generous heart is never "sort of" nice...it's wonderful. i understand the money stuff but who cares. he's your husband, he loves you...and as all cheesy romantics know, love knows no limits. ;)

Aubrey said...

First of all, you look SO cute in all your preggers-ness! LOL

What a WONDERFUL man you have there. This was really touching!

Studying to be a Mommy said...

Awwe.. that is so sweet. And yes, you need to come visit us before we move. You need to meet Avery! :) Talk to you soon.

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