Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's only wednesday???

You have GOT to be kidding me! I feel like I have been going and going and going. I am so beyond burnt out. I am so beyond running on empty. I'm tired. I'm tired of people talking in circles about support and nothing getting done. I'm tired of getting up early and going to bed late. I'm tired of hearing about downtime but not getting any. I'm tired of hearing about how we could have downtime but not getting any help in getting it (did that make sense?). I'm tired of hearing I should be resting when I don't have time to rest. I'm tired of feeling like I'm going to collapse from exhaustion but can't sleep because my mind keeps racing at a pace my body can't keep up with. I'm tired.

Please, Saturday, hurry up and get here....and Lord help me pull some energy out of my butt or else I'm not going to make it.


ChickenLittle said...

I hear ya....bring on the weekend! :)

Jennie said...

hang in there sister... I won't sugar coat it, this sucks for you and I pray that it gets better... you look great in your preggo pic....

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