Wednesday, April 15, 2009

is it bad??

Is it bad that last night I took down (and dusted off) my What to Expect When You're Expecting book. I flipped to my bookmark and it was on The Seventh Month. What??? Seventh month??? Slowly it dawned on me that I'm days away from being in my third trimester. DAYS AWAY! I said something to Big A and he counted back the months and sure enough...holy crap. Where did my second trimester go? I have barely gotten to really enjoy it, I've been SO busy. Sure, I love feeling the baby kick but...honestly? Big A has said he forgets I'm pregnant (I when I'm big...I swear I'll take a picture of my progress soon) and I think I would too if it weren't for the major heartburn (this kid better have a MOUND of hair) and the kicks (if he or she could stop using the bladder as a punching bag at 2am, that'd be great, too).
I'm so sad that it's almost over and I didn't realize it. Financially speaking, this may be our last kiddo. My last pregnancy. Of course, who knows but in our reality, we need to think like that. We need money to take care of kids.

Anyway, on the 18th, I'll start my third trimester. Here's to the home stretch!


Carrie said...

Thanks so much for stopping over to say hi! I remember you from a SITS day a while ago!!

I hope you are able to enjoy the last few months of your pregnancy!! Isn't it crazy how life just whizzes by us sometimes??

Jennie said...

It goes by so fast... It just seems like yesterday you were telling us that you were preggo to begin with.... I can't wait until he/she gets here, I want to make you something for your sweet baby....

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