Friday, April 10, 2009

there is no place like Nebraska...

Hello! Just a small update on my trip home. It was pretty good - things with the MIL are still intensely tense. And my family argues like sailors still. Overall, very nice to just hang out.

Anthony's parents picked us up from the Kansas City airport. Right away, MIL was picking up Moose (fine) but he didn't really know her (I mean, it'd been 3 months and she wasn't exactly around before then much) so he reached out to me; she turns him away from me (not fine). Ugh...I have always hated when she does that! Anyway, the conversation on the way home was awful. I felt so awful for Big A. He kept trying to talk and when a response was needed, it was only the crickets chirping that you heard. So uncomfortable.

Then the tenseness went on at the house. We felt like MIL was being like Martha in the Bible story, when the Lord came to visit Martha and Mary. Martha kept getting this and that ready and doing this and that, while Mary just sat at the feet of the Lord and talked and made Him feel welcome. This probably wouldn't have struck me as strange, but A's brother said that their dad was upset that we "took" their grandchild away so they can't be grandparents. But when we lived 20 minutes away, they came about as much as my parents who live 3-4 hours away. And they had this visit as an opportunity to play but they barely did. Thursday when we left, they didn't at all. I am so glad Moose isn't old enough to realize.

We had to borrow A's grandparents' vehicle because his mom's truck she was going to loan us for a few days was not what we needed. It's an extended cab Dakota (I think...a small Dakota with a SMALL backseat). On Sunday when I went to lunch with friends (which was really amazing but definitely not long enough), Moose's little legs were resting up to the knee on the console in the front seat. We felt that if (God forbid) we were in a car wreck, his little legs would probably be broken. So we borrowed this really cute Alero from his grandparents, who were more than gracious to us while there.

On Sunday, Big A competed in a road rally (sort of a scavenger hunt with cars) and got 13th. He had fun and it left me time to spend with our friends, the A-team! We only had about an hour or so to have lunch and chat but Moose had SO much fun running around with those cute little girlies (who have grown WAY too much in 3 months). Then I went back to the farm and visited with Big A's cousin, who brought her girls over to play and chat. My future sister-in-law stopped by with a really great Easter basket for Moose; I felt bad we didn't get her daughter anything but our bags were beyond overpacked.

Anyway, Monday we just kind of hung around and visited with the A-team again (still not long enough but very good) and Big A's grandparents. We left around 7 or 8 to get out to my parents' house.

Tuesday, Moose and I went to coffee with my mom while Big A had a job interview (more on that when things are more certain). Then we left Moose with grandma for awhile to go check out more things for the interview. Then really we just hung out with my family, playing with Moose and talking. That night, Moose fell asleep and woke up around 1:30. I couldn't get him to fall back asleep and he was just moving and moving (we were on an air mattress). Big A took him when I was getting frustrated; he was rocking him, then Moose started to cough and sort of choke. He threw up some lettuce and Smile gummy candy things. Poor baby!!! But we don't really get why - his temp was 97 and he was fine after that. I guess sometimes things just don't mesh with your tummy. So they took a bath and went to bed. Kid was fine the next day.

Wednesday, we ate lunch at the school with my little sister, dyed Easter eggs at my grandma's house (which Moose was so uninterested in so he went to swing with his daddy - and we found out he LOVES swinging!!!). Then there was this big blowout between my parents and sister - she had to go to the doctor for her ankle which my dad threw a tantrum about, then her boyfriend wanted to come to dinner with the family because he graduates in May and then leaves for the military so he wanted to see us but the brakes were out on his vehicle so my mom had to go get him. Too much drama! I love them but they need therapy lol. We ate at Runza (a Nebraska thing) and went to a park. Then we had to leave to go back to T-town.

Big A was going to apply in Omaha at this other job, so I thought we should stay in Omaha instead of driving an hour down to T-town, then him having to get up early to go apply. So we found a cheap hotel and stayed the night there. We used our last diaper the next morning and of course, Moose pooped while he was away. So I put the kid in his PJ shorts and pants and shoved 2 washcloths down there just in case. lol I didn't know what else to do! Anyway, so Big A stopped to buy size 5 diapers bc size 6 only came in a big box. So funny.

We spent Thursday at his parents' house. His dad was outside working all day, his mom kept herself busy cooking and doing dishes. She honestly never sat down once to play with Moose. I felt so awful for the kiddo. I sat down to play, but when we went to Big A's grandparents' to drop off the car, Moose was in the same place when we got back. Um...ok. Way to take advantage of that time. A's aunt stopped by. I like her a lot, I do, but I can't stand when people comment on my parenting (especially when their kids treat them the way her kids do her). Moose was playing with this box and he wanted it on his head, I asked Big A to put it there. Aunt J told me to leave him alone, he'll figure it out (yeah, I get that he would play with it otherwise but I can help him, he's 1). And then he wanted something in the kitchen and I couldn't figure it out so I asked A to help him (sometimes he can figure stuff out); she said, "you never let him cry in his crib do you?" Um yeah thanks we did and we do, we even leave him in time outs and if needed, spank him. She said she didn't think I had the heart for it - what does that mean? Just because my kid actually wants something and I want to figure out what that something is (it was a glass of water, btw), doesn't mean he's spoiled. ANYWAY other than that, it was good.

But honestly, there was some other things that just bugged me about my MIL while there. Funny thing is, she was on the phone with A tonight and she said she felt like there was tension there (yeah, the same thing that's been going on for 4 years now). And apparently someone told her she's a bad mother-in-law (ding ding ding ding!) - she wouldn't say who said that or how, but the fact that she didn't really talk to me at all or NOT ONCE asked how the pregnancy was, how I was feeling, if the baby kicked, nothing at all - shows me that. But whatever, she's "unique."

So is Anthony's brother. I got tired of him comparing his fiancee's nephew to Moose. No, Moose doesn't kick, punch, or bite. Kids aren't supposed to do those things - they should get in trouble for that! It doesn't mean Moose is a wussie, it means he knows better. And yes, he still sucks his thumb (3 members of his family mentioned that) - he's 1 year old! Talk to me about it if he's still 5 and doing it, ok? I am scared to death how his brother's kids are going to turn out.

I could go on and on (and on and on and on) about my in-laws, but anyway. A's dad took us back to Kansas City on Thursday so we could stay in another hotel (early flight). That was actually so much better - not much conversation because he's just really a quiet guy but it wasn't tense. And his dad buckled his seat belt - what?!?! And then we flew home. Moose did amazing on flights again - not much sleeping on them, though. But it's fun because he'll sing with us or read a story or look out the window. He did poop on a flight - that was interesting to change him on the tiny changing table in the bathroom (I didn't know they had those).

And tomorrow my aunts from Nashville are visiting. woo hoo. I wish I were looking forward to it a bit more but I'm just not.

Oh and we have a kid move over on Friday. yay. welcome back

To leave you on a good note: On the 2nd leg of our flight out to Nebraska, this guy is walking back to his seat and stops by Big A. He says he likes his look and this guy helped put together actors and extras for The Replacements and Longest Yard movies. He wants Big A to email him some pictures. He hands him his modeling agency's card and goes back to his seat - oh but not before saying what a cute baby we have (what am I? dog chow? haha). So who knows, maybe I have America's Next Top Male Model! haha But we did have my dad take some shots - it can't hurt, right?

And a flight attendant told me this morning that, seriously, Moose is a Gerber baby and much cuter than the new one they chose last year. I should have sent a picture in. Oh I love hearing those compliments! I guess, even if I'm not model material, I'm a good model maker. haha


EmmaP said...

wow - on the entire in-laws thing. 1 free therapy sessionsounds like a great christmas gift right about now! lol!

has moose ever had lettuce before? perhaps he is allergic? (to the lettuce, not the inlaws, lol)

good luck with the job thing... finger crossed, and prayers uttered!

Jennie said...

I hate when people holdong my baby feel like they can make it where that baby can't get back to me... really chaps my hind end.... what a trip, honey... I hope you had a little bit of fun...

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