Wednesday, March 4, 2009

stressed out

I apologize for my lack of posts and more so for my lack of interesting posts. Right now I'm just really frustrated with my job and I have nowhere to vent and when I do, I mostly do it on my other blog to prevent breaking HIPA (HIPPA? whatever). So basically it just gets bottled up and comes out at the wrong times with tears. Which makes me even more frustrated because I really can't do my job if I'm crying. And I try really hard not to, but especially these last couple of days have really irked me off. I am just sick of the drama that should be saved for the girls' house. I am tired of spoiled, lazy kids who complain about going to school for 2 hours a day or being asked to do a chore correctly. It's ridiculous, seriously. I think this snow brought a bought of crazy with it.
Thank God, next month, we have scheduled a very short vacation for us. We thought this appropriate to do before I get too big to be comfortable on a plane (or so large they won't let me on. haha). And otherwise, I'm going to go insane. Which I might already.


Anonymous said...

are you guys going home? or where? Is tristan going with you? because if you weren't going home and you wanted to have like a romantic sex-a-thon, you know he could stay with us---he may cry the whole time, but if it gave you guys some away time, we'd be cool with it.

but anyway im sure you've got it all figured out allready.

i'm sorry you dont feel like you can vent to me. I really know how it feels....different kid same sh*t pretty much. They are all a-holes when then want to be; luckily most have a redeeming quality or two.

you actually use your other blog?---i started mine but rarely get to it---i'm just a b*tch and blog how i feel for the world to see. (not that i havent paid for it via the nasty comments from "anonymous"). But i did use my other blog for writing a pissed off letter to C. you know. :)

anyway....i love you and hope you have an okay day. :) I get off at 3pm tomorrow. YESSSSSSSSSSSS! :)

Shannon said...

Heb 10:39
hey beautiful lady. you are equal to this challenge, and on the days you are not God will hold you. :) miss ya!

Anonymous said...

hey boob. you could at least post my comments. :P

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