Tuesday, March 24, 2009

more work frustrations

Things seemed to be getting better when the kid that was the pain in my butt left last Friday. But then everything else is just eating at me. I feel like our supervisor has not said one encouraging thing all month, that the administration is SO worked up over the licensing people coming this week that it's just been gripe after gripe. And they aren't said in nice, constructive ways. No, it just seems like yell and mean emails and do this this this this and this. I'm sorry, I think just because the licensing group is coming, we should NOT be running around with our head's cut off. The stuff that needs to be done for them, should have been getting done all along, not all in the previous week.
And the more I learn about how other houses are ran, the more I'm convinced that our supervisor does not know a THING about her job. We have to talk to the other alternates about problems, instead of her. We have one alternate who will leave his shift for 3-5 hours at a time, and nothing has been done. The same guy doesn't come to our treatment team meetings because our supervisor doesn't change our schedule so everyone is on-duty on those days.
There's so much more. It's just ridiculous, really. I have had some jobs I didn't love, but never like this. And I hate it because I like some of the boys so much but then when other staff doesn't follow rules, I get made in to the bad guy. And that's not right.
I'm ready to go on my vacation home! 11 days

EDIT to add: We got an email a few hours ago about a new kid, moving in Thursday or Friday (maybe - he doesn't want to come here). He'll be working on his GED 2 hours a day during the week (and home the rest of the time) and has no motivation. I'm so excited to start this all over again. And the other kid they want to move over is causing all sorts of problems at his house right now. A little breathing room, please!

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Anonymous said...

like i said, if you were able to work with Cory as your supervisor, your job would STILL be tough, but just her support and encouragement makes a huge impact on job satisfaction. :) You can only feel adequate if someone lets you know that you are!!

But you know I think you guys do just fine considering what you walked into...IL is a tough house and they're trying to change it to TFA-model. And you're losing Ron and you've got 1 good alternate and then J. I'm sorry its tough over there. want to join my staff team :)?

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