Sunday, February 8, 2009

I'm here...I promise

I just spend all of my time over at the big side of the house with our boys. I come over here to put Moose down for a nap, give him a bath, and put him to bed. Otherwise, I come over to get filtered water and to crash for the night.
Things are going alright. Today was an easier day than I thought it would be. It's frustrating because there's so much I can't share with you because of HIPPA, but *shrug*. I've really gotten to know a few of the boys, a few of the others seem to be opening up. Overall, we have a nice bunch.
It is tiring, emotionally and physically. And Moose makes it more so. He has attached himself to a few of the boys. And one of them plays video games. Moose LOVES to watch Guitar Hero but he also likes other games. Unfortunately, they play Grand Theft Auto, which is TOO violent and the language is too coarse for Moose. So I've asked them that if they play that game to do so in our game room with the door closed. Moose gets mad when he can't get in the room but I'd rather him get upset than hear/watch that. And the boys have been great at just doing so and being ok with that. Personally, I'd rather them not play the game but they're old enough, I guess.
I do like to see Moose get to interact with them. You see so much personality when he's around other people. It's amazing; he's such a great kid. And it's nice when he's getting too overwhelmed, we can just come to our apartment.
I also got to spend some time with my best friend today (thanks for buying the milk...we'll get you paid back when we figure it out lol). And then a really good friend of ours came down to visit a friend in the hospital here, but stopped by to see us. I LOVE seeing familiar faces far from home.
There's not a lot else going on. I think I'm starting to feel the baby kick, but it's so faint and so quick that it's so hard to tell if it's that or just my belly gurgling. I also did find out that due to...oh heck, I'll say it, we're all big kids, my recto-vaginal fistula (look it up...rather interesting) with Moose, I'm going to have a c-section. That was quite shocking for me but I'm coming to terms with it. It's scary!!!
Anyway, I'm pooped and tomorrow is a full day. Love you guys!


Shannon said...

so i keep trying to type things on here and then they seem really dumb...but i'm thinking about you guys and glad to hear you're making connections. :)

Kelsey said...

You're going to do fine with a c-section. You're going to think I'm nuts, but when I get pregnant I want scheduled c-sections (as long as the baby will be okay). You'll do awesome.

GTA is SO violent. My brother turns 13 tomorrow and plays the game constantly (he's playing right now). The guys can pick up hookers and then kill them to get their money back! What kind of message is that sending?! I'm glad you're consistent about not letting Moose watch/hear that kind of stuff!

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