Sunday, February 1, 2009

the first day

Well, let me just say that I think we had the easiest first day EVER. Two of our boys were on home visits, 2 had to work later in the day, not one of them watched the Super Bowl with us. And it was so nice having another teaching-parent on with us to tell us things they didn't teach us in training. I'm sure there will be more of that to come. But I like the boys so far.
I'll write more tomorrow when we're off. But thanks for all of you who showed love through your comments (write them more often! ha). And to answer Tiffany, I am feeling much better except for the sick, nasty poopie diaper that made me run for the toilet. Yay. Otherwise, I'm feeling the stretching of tummy muscles (?? I'm not sure I have those) and feeling good with a sensitive nose.

...Sorry I had to go to bed. Not that that was productive whatsoever - Moose is sick. So I'm probably just as tired today as I was last night.
Anyway, I cleaned up while all but one of the kids went shopping and to drop a kid off at work. Then I took a nap while Big A cleaned & organized the pantry (oh my gosh, we threw out SO much stuff that was open & not refrigerated, open & expired...gross). We made a lunch for the boys, but only one of them ate some of it (and on his way out the door even). Moose & I watched some of "The Little Rascals" with one of our boys. We watched the football game with the other staff while 1 was at work, 1 was on the phone, 1 hung out in his room, and 1 watched "What Women Want" in another room. Getting the family-style stuff together will be hard because of scheduling conflicts and personality conflicts. But while we were doing chores, it was nice listening to some stories and just laughing and talking with the boys. We helped with chores and did some of the chores for those who were gone.
It was a good first day, but it was just so easy...too easy.

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