Monday, February 23, 2009

baby's first hair cut

I finally gave in. Moose needed a hair cut.
His hair was ALWAYS in his eyes and would get ratty at the ends.

So after Mommy & Daddy got hair cuts, it was Moose's turn.
Daddy held him in his lap while Mommy manned the camera.

We did get it done at a beauty school (we're still cheapos lol).
However, Moose wiggled too much for the student, so the teacher made the snips.

Ok so I didn't cave in all the way; the curls are still in tact.
I'm just not ready to let that part go yet.
I promise I will...someday.


angie said...

The first haircut is always an adventure! :)

Kelsey said...

He did much better than the pictures of me show that I did!! I'm glad you kept his cute little curls.

Aubrey said...

I'm so glad you left those curls alone! And BTW, I go to a beauty school for all my haircuts. They do a fierce job and you can't beat cheap!

Jennie said...

First, I am a cheapo too.... there is NO shame in that.... second, thank you for NOT cuting those curls... he is only little once and they are too cute.... great pics....

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