Sunday, January 25, 2009

One more week! This is our last week of training before we start actually working and living with our boys. I won't lie; I'm pretty terrified. I've heard about how intense this week of training is, and whether or not our actual lives here will be like that all the time or even rarely, it's scary.
I just don't know how well I'm actually going to do at this job. I hope really well. I mean, I really want to make a difference here. I want to be more than just an employee for these kids. I have no doubt that Big A is going to do amazing here. He adjusts to new things so easily...I'm a little more stubborn. I don't know that all of this training has prepared me for anything other than the routine paperwork. I just wish I felt more confident.


Anonymous said...

Hey---i promise you I felt that way, too! and if you can get through your day of intensive teaching interactions practices without crying---you're doing better than me! Honestly, the whole last week of training i cried almost every day thinking, "Can I really do this?" and now look at me---its become second nature! I'm sure you'll do great!!!!! and you've got one up on have some people out here to support you and talk you through things!!! (not to mention your first few days on won't be a six day stretch without help!!!) anyway we love you and know you'll be fine!

Kelsey said...

You are going to do great. I'm not sure exactly what you are training for, but I'm sure you'll have a positive impact on these boys. It takes a special kind of person to want to help young kids, especially boys!

As for medicine advice, I'm not sure if you can take this or not but there is this natural medicine called, "Smart Silver" and also "Umcka". I take Umcka and the stuff really works. If your throat hurts try Echinecia. It's nasty, but it works like a charm. Hope you feel better soon!

EmmaP said...

you're just nervous. the fact that you even have the desire to do well means that you *will* do well. It means that you know within yourself that you *do* have the confidence and skills to pull this just have to remind yourself. If it gets hard, breathe. count. pray.

you guys are awesome! good luck!

Aubrey said...

You will BOTH do amazing. I just know it! I'm excited to hear more once you start the "real deal"!

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