Saturday, January 17, 2009

lions and tigers and bears...ok maybe not

First week of training: complete.
First week without being immersed in motherhood: complete.

Things are going fairly well here. I have my ups and downs about my confidence in my ability to do this job. I think I'll do fine, but those doubts, they do creep up on one.
We've had a few relaxing days. Spent a couple of nights with the Spiderlegs. We celebrated K's b-day with them & some of their friends. It was fun: good food and we played some Wii. I had more fun watching others be crazy on it than doing it myself but that's how I am, especially in front of new people. Tonight we went over to see K & L's new dog. He's precious. Really. I want one just like him!
Which brings me to the point of this post. I know Big A wants a pet. We're allowed two pets, but I'm not willing to stretch that far. I'm not big in to indoor pets - shedding, litter boxes, accidents, the whole kit and kaboodle. Personally, someday, I'd like a BIG dog and maybe a couple of cats where we have a HUGE fenced-in yard (or open yard if in the country) where they can play. Maybe a small sand box that should be used for the kiddos but really is a litter box I don't have to clean (the kids will deal with it). But seeing how great this dog was tonight with Moose....oh, I want one. I don't know so much about a dog yet, but something. I love watching Moose go up and hold out his hand to let the dog lick it. I love seeing him laugh and smile when the dog runs. He was even throwing the chew toy for him. So precious. I'm just very cautious about dogs...some dogs do NOT like kids, especially little ones. And I don't want a cat that just hides all day either, though. I'm not into reptiles or birds. I will definitely not be the one cleaning up after said animal - despite the smell, poo isn't really great for pregnant people (ok so maybe that's just cat poo but I'll claim other types, also).
What would you suggest? Cat? Dog? Certain types? Lizards??


Mrs. S said...

I have a dog, but they are a LOT of work. I thought I did not like cats at all....but seeing them, I kinda want one, but a nice one. That purs and cuddles. haha

Rion said...

When you think about getting an outdoor dog, you gotta remember this: How much will you go outside to play with this dog? When your kids are older, will the dog be an old dog who is outside who doesnt get much attention anymore? That happened with our dog, and I felt so sorry for him outside. I think that happens with so many outdoor only dogs. Cause really, if you spent 2-3 hours a day with the dog, thats 20 hours that it is sitting there alone. Thats why I would say dont get an outdoor only dog. As for cats.. you can get great cats from the humane society. They have rooms where you can see if the cat will allow Moose to pick it up and whatnot. I know Kiara would be tolerant of Moose, and we got her from the pound, so I know its possible to get a great cat from there. You just have to be patient and go there every once and a while to see. Or start out with a kitten and then it wont hide as much cause it will be used to the jabber of the Moose. I'll tell you, the only reason Kiara hides is A) She found that the blanket was open enough to go under it and sleep, or B) She is under the end table in front of the heater.. otherwise, right now shes on her back in the middle of the room. Find a cat like that and you'll never go back. ;)

Anonymous said...

:) glad my baby boy gave such a good first impression! T seemed to love him! i suggest a dog because in all reality poop is poop---and dogs learn to be protective, caring, and loving...cats love when they want and obedience? yeah right! birds can get nasty without mates, and small rodents and reptiles can escape and not be found for months or years and by then they could reproduce and it could get hairy. they had lots of beautiful and friendly dogs at the SPCA. we'd love to take you all down there sometime. hehe PS thanks for the sweet message---when i get a free moment I'll write back!

Aubrey said...

We have both. Our pug and toddler have developed a great relationship. They are the best of buddies! Get a dog, go small to medium at first!

Jamie said...

I'm visiting from Tiffany's blog (of SITS fame). We've had both a cat and dogs and personally I think dogs are a little more adaptable to kids than a cat is (cats get really set in there ways sometimes and don't like change). We actually had a cat that attacked the neighbor girl (she had been teasing him to be fair). Right now we have a Cocker Spaniel that has adapted pretty well to our schedules.

Poo wise....Small dog small poo...Big dog big poo. To be honest we do a lot of walking with ours so our yard doesn't look quite like a "minefield" but there are still some "mine's" back there.

Dogs and toddlers...Our old dog (she lived to be almost 20 years old) went through both of my cousins being born and I think the only thing we really needed to worry about was what they tried to feed her. She LOVED it when they would drop stuff from the highchair for her. When they got to toddling we had to watch out a little more to make sure they didn't poke her or anything like that when she was eating or sleeping. I'm happy to say that there were not accidents.

Breed wise there are certain breeds that they say are really good with kids. Labradors, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles. Our old dog was a Lab/Cocker mix and was PHENOMINAL with kids and other people. Our new Cocker hasn't really been exposed to real young kids so we're not real sure how she'd do. Shelter dogs are great too...Actually both of dogs were rescues. Most shelters are very accomodating when it comes to meeting a potential new pet...Actually all the ones in our area (I live in WI) require all family members (including other pets) to meet the potential new family member. Alot of shelters actually conduct tests to see if dogs/cats get along with other dogs/cats/kids, etc. and usually have the information available on the webpage (if you look up the shelter on the net of course).

Wow, now I'm just rambling....Sorry if this is really wordy. I hope that helps some.

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