Monday, January 19, 2009

exploration plundered

Yesterday we tried to go out to see Richmond. I wanted to go to Hollywood Cemetery to see Jefferson Davis, JEB Stuart, and some other generals of the CSA (and presidents of the USA)'s graves. However...we didn't ever find Stuart's - even looking at the map. I think we'll go back in a few months when they have walking tours & it's warmer.
Then we parked by the Holocaust Museum down here so we could find some place to eat. We did find this lovely little Lebanese cafe. We had these amazing omletes and great salads. I do think the salads were mostly grass - I had a clover in mine. But it was good. Then we realized we didn't bring the stroller or enough money to go. Yeah, we're smart. Ugh! I was really disappointed, but I guess we'll have next weekend if we want to go. So we all came home to take naps.
Oh and we went through 2 tolls...not a big deal but I had just cleaned my purse out of its change. Luckily, I hadn't cleaned the change out of the diaper bag! Otherwise...we wouldn't have known what to do. haha.

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Aubrey said...

Oh no! I am always forgetting our stroller. An I needed change for a parking meter the other day and had emptied out my coinpurse the night before. Ugh!

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