Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another boring post

I'm apologize for my lack of anything really interesting to add to the blogosphere. Life in training is fairly mundane. However, tomorrow is our last day of training (yay and eek at the same time). We begin our actual job on Sunday. Prayers would really be appreciated as we establish ourselves in this house & with these young men. Pray for confidence, guidance, and a lot of love and patience to come our way and from us. Pray for our little Moose as he adjusts to this new life. I think he may have a slight hard time adjusting - we were over hanging out over there for a few hours last night & he got very over-stimulated and started tantrums. I hope he gets used to it fast like he does everything else...but we'll see. Still pray for him and us.
I miss my MOPS meetings. At least it was some adult interaction (you know, other than getting trained). Just another obstacle, right?
I haven't decided if I like it here or not; I think right now or even in the next 2 months would be unfair to make that judgement as we adjust and settle in. But I do know that God has placed me here for a reason, and He felt I was equipped to do this job. He's never given me anything I couldn't handle, even if it's something I have to do alone (for instance) or something I dread doing. So even if I don't have confidence in myself yet, I have confidence in Him. I guess that's more important anyway.
Thursday I also have a doctor's appointment, but I don't think it'll be anything really interesting. I also need to make Moose a doctor's appointment for a couple shots and to get his ears checked to be sure his tubes are doing (or did do, as in the case of the one tube that fell out) what they're supposed to do.
I'm off to take a bath and have some me time. Thanks for listening


Nicole said...

Have a good start on your "actual" job and I hope for you that it is the dream job you were dreaming about.

Aubrey said...

I hope you enjoyed a nice, long, warm bath! Hang in there! I know when we relocated, it took me a few months to really know if I was going to be happy there or not.
You know you are in my prayers! All of you!

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