Wednesday, November 12, 2008

wedding cake

To off-set my grumpy mood, I thought I would share pictures from my wedding. These shots are the funniest ones. Let me set the mood for you: at this point of our reception, I had been threatening Big A about mean things I would do if he even touched a sliver of cake to anywhere BUT my mouth.

Our beautiful cake!

I'm playing nice at this point

I thought, "wow, these will be really boring"

...I went for it! So funny! Big A dropped his piece on my dress (don't worry, it didn't ruin my dress. We did find some frosting later...haha)
but do you know the saddest part? That was all the cake we ate that night. We didn't really taste our wedding cake until the next day, and we only had a little. We did have a small cake that we froze to eat on our one year anniversary (it was SO good!).


angie said...

I LOVE the cake........and the cake fight. Classic! :)

Kelsey said...

You got your hubby to wear pink to your wedding?! What a good guy!!

I have to say, I'm loving the last pic. You certainly did spice it up haha.

Honey Mommy said...

How cute are you guys!
I can't believe you got him to wear pink. I don't think I could talk my honey into that one!

Octamom said...

It is funny how you take all the time to plan the food and choose the cake and all the rest that goes with the reception--and then barely get any of the menu! Cute pics!


Jennie said...

Love the pink... I know what you mean about not getting to eat your cake, between a huge grooms cake and our wedding cake, we got one piece of wedding cake that my mother had to hide from all the guests... it was awesoem cake, but it was alot of money to have to split one piece...

EmmaP said...

very cute! that even helped me get out of my "mood". hee hee.

mrs.cupcake said...

love the pink, you guys look like you are having so much fun.

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