Friday, November 14, 2008

pink & white

So many of you commented on my husband's attire for our wedding. I've always been a pink girl! No doubt about that, although I don't have a giant tendency to be girlie (although, I do like to dress up sometimes). So there was no doubt when I chose our colors.

I wanted pink. Not just pink, either. Fuchsia - bright pink!

When I told Big A this, he was very supportive. Not a peep out of him. But he did have one request: he wanted to be the ONLY guy wearing pink. So our groomsmen wore silver ties and vests over black shirts. Big A wore a white tuxedo with a pink vest and tie with a pink flower. His white shoes? Custom made for our wedding! His feet are kind of large (size 17). So that's funny.

To kick off the weekend, I thought I'd share a picture of my beautiful husband in his white and pink attire. Have a good weekend! (And if you're lucky, soon I'll share the lost hotel room story).


Tiffany said...

That's a real man for you.

Love the pic and the pink!

Jennie said...

totally awesome... love the pink and your guy's a prize for sure to not complain at all.... he's a keeper

Straight to Your Hart said...

As Paris Hilton would say "That's Hot!" What a great hubby. My hubby did wear a fuchsia bow tie...3 cheers for our men!!!

jubilee said...

I keep telling The Calm One that real men wear pink. I have yet to convince him . . .

(Found you through SITs.)

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