Friday, November 28, 2008

Go Big Red!!!

Oh man, that was an awesome game! And I don't think football games are awesome very often. But this was fantastic.

The Colorado/Nebraska game today started off horribly! 14-0 with CU leading. It was awful. Then we came back 17-14. By the 4th quarter (I think...I forget to pay attention to the clock), we were down 31-30 with just a few minutes on the clock.

Our kicker comes in (I also don't pay attention to names much) and kicks a FIFTY-SEVEN yard field goal! What? I didn't think he could do it (sorry, man), but wow. It was great. Then #93 (Suh??), who is a BIG fella, intercepted the ball from CU, basically blocked for HIMSELF (knocking down the quarterback, I believe), and scored a touchdown! I was yelling so much, I'm surprised Moose didn't start to cry. It was amazing.

Then with the clock winding down, we hold them, and at the last second (literally), we had ANOTHER interception. Wow! What a season! And now...where will we head for a bowl game?

Congratulations, Huskers. You guys did great today & made us proud!


Aubrey said...

My dad and teen stayed home to watch the game while the rest of us shopped! But we heard ALL about it when we got back. Go Big Red! Whoo-hoo!

Anonymous said...

I am a huge high school football fan! And this week our team in headed into the CIF semifinals...Go Orange Lutheran!

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