Sunday, October 26, 2008

you ladies ROCK!

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement about this trip, this job, & everything.

First, let me tell you what a TROOPER Moose was on the plane. We flew from Omaha to Chicago, Chicago to Richmond (and back that way, too). The only leg he didn't sleep on was from Chicago TO Richmond - he slept most (if not all) of the other legs!! And he was simply pleasant the C-R leg; maybe some restless sounds but mostly happy noises. I was SO proud of him! I'm not sure how his ears were; he never seemed to be bothered by the popping, but maybe he's just tough.

Thursday we flew in and had supper at our friends' house with them and their boys. It was so fun to see them work and actually get to experience what our life may be like (or similar, you know).
Friday I left Moose with Mrs. Spiderlegs (LJ in order to simplify things). He cried, of course, but I was expecting for 1/2 an hour: MOST OF THE DAY! She was to give a tour of her home, and the president of VHBG had to give it because of Moose bawling. I guess he was fine, then he'd randomly cry for awhile, be fine, etc. Oh my goodness! I felt bad but it was probably just overwhelming: new place, kind of familiar face, and we didn't have much time to get him settled (we got lost a few times there).
On a good note, the interview went well. I am normally terrified and tongue-tied at interviews. I was really relaxed and not really nervous at all. I felt we answered their questions well (there were situational questions where they separated us to ask the questions) and just had good rapport with the interviewers. They de-briefed us later in the day after we toured the campus (which is actually really cool, has this amazing alternate school) and met with some of the other teaching-parents, etc. They really only told us positive things, so I think things are on our side.
They didn't offer us the job but nor did they reject us. They said they need to discuss it further next week and figure out a timetable for things. They don't need someone RIGHT AWAY right now so they aren't sure when they would need someone. I don't know. I guess we'll just see.
Saturday it rained. So after a yummy breakfast with the boys and K&LJ, we watched some of the Husker game (that's right, we won again...I know it was just Baylor, but still...a win is a win!! ha). Then we checked out the Edgar Allan Poe Museum, which would have been better had they given us a tour instead of letting us self-guide. We drove around, almost got in an accident, saw the aftermath of a lady running over a small tree in a median, and had a snack. We hung out at their place, had supper with the head of HR (who sounds like one of my English professors from college...weird) & his wife. They were so nice! I had so much fun just talking about the home and their experiences. We went back to K&LJ's and had some Cold Stone ice cream!! We hung out a bit & watched some House.
At the hotel, my boys got some Zs and I read...I probably got 3 hours of sleep. I just had a lot on my mind and was struggling to sleep. So I read. Then we got up, went the airport. Flew (with the sleeping Moose), had our 4-hour-ish layover, and flew to Omaha!
I have decided that I'm not the biggest fan of flying. Scary.

So I will let you all know when we know, but I just really want to thank you all for being so encouraging. And Angie, thanks for being so encouraging about my scrapbook design idea. I need to see how this all works out but I'm definitely thinking it's do-able. Thank you!


Jennie said...

I am so happy for ya'll that it went so well... That is awesome about Moose and the plane rides, you couldn't have asked for any better.... Glad you made it home safe and sound!

Kelsey said...

Glad the interview went well for you! I'll be praying for you that you get the job.

What a great little guy you have! I wish I could sleep on plane rides. I'm one of those people that have to be awake at all times, regardless of how tired I am, because I need to know EVERYTHING that's happening..I'm not at all obsessive or anything :).

Tiffany said...

Good for you girl.

Can't wait to see where this journey goes.

Angie said...

Awww, I'm so glad you had a good trip. I hope you hear something soon about the dream job!
Thanks for the shout out!!!

EmmaP said...

Glad to hear to everything went well. Now all you can do is leave it in God's hands. If it is meant to be it will happen. Too bad about Moose crying. Makes your heart melt as a mom, huh? glad you're all safe and sound home!

Becky D said...

Thrilled that it went well and that you had time with the Lockard's. Keep me updated...I have an idea...I'm going to email you about it.

Tiffany said...

I don't know you by any means, but I encourage you to rise above things. When people write or say "mean thing", you have the power to just ignore that garbage. It will be much more beneficial for you to just dust your shoulders off when people make an attack against you. If I listened to everything people negatively said, I wouldn't be anywhere in my life now. I would have no self-esteem. Don't even give people the saying garbage the time of day or pleasure by posting about them. Be the bigger person always and you will perservere!!!!!! :) Have a great day.

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