Wednesday, October 15, 2008

please don't vote

I know, I know, I got the message wrong. Or did I?

Do you really think that every person in this country should vote? Even if they're not informed?

I saw a Dateline or 20/20 or something like that this past week that showed how uninformed people were. When shown pictures, even people who lived IN Washington, D.C. didn't know who Joe Biden was. Most didn't even know who Sarah Palin was! They obviously don't even watch SNL!

When asked at a rock concert (of some oldies band I can't remember who it was), a few of the audience didn't even know the correct NUMBER OF STATES IN THE US (one man said 52, another said 51...I guess they're close??)! 50, people! Oh wow. The most shocking of this portion was the women who didn't know what Roe vs. Wade is. Probably one of the biggest political issues of our time (even before my time) and one girl thought it had to do with segregation. As much as this issues makes me (again) question what schools are teaching (although I know teachers, bless their hearts, can teach & teach but some kids won't listen) BUT more so it makes me scared for these people to vote.

Do I want these uninformed citizens to help chose my next political leader? The next Commander-in-Chief? That makes me very scared because I have a feeling that these very people will vote according to these following facts:

1. Obama is young.
2. Obama is black.
3. Palin is a woman.
4. Palin is beautiful.
5. McCain is old (old = wise or old = old).
6. Obama is a Democrat.
7. McCain is a Rebuplican.

Personally, I'm not ashamed to say I am voting McCain/Palin. I have my own personal reasons for voting within my political party. I am very conservative in my views as is my husband.

At the beginning of the Obama/Clinton fights, I really thought I may vote for Obama because I was uninformed and thought his youth would change things. As the election has pressed on, I have become informed. I watched the debates (and the SNL skits). I have read about the politicians and watched the news concerning them.

I do think this is the dirtiest campaign in history but from both sides. I think the negativity was brought on in the very beginning between Obama and Clinton. It dragged down that primary, and it still is dragging down this election. I'm tired of the name-calling and hair-pulling and just plain elementary tactics. I don't think either nominee is above any of this, as they should be.

But I do know what I want for this country. You should too. So before you go to the polls, please inform yourself. Look at the president-elects, the vice president-elects, and the issues at hand. Are you pro-life or pro-choice? Are you for gun bans or the right to bear arms? What's your stand on Iraq? What kind of people do you want on the Supreme Court? How do you feel about our economy and the changes it needs? Are you eco-friendly? Do you want teachers to be paid more or to choose where you kids go to school via vouchers? Learn about these issues. Then decide.

Do NOT decide on age, race, gender, rumors, political parties. Do look at their pasts but take it wth a grain of salt. Do listen to the rumors but don't place all of your value in them. Be informed but don't be naive.

Do vote but learn before you do.


Kelsey said...

I am SO glad that most of the kids in my school, let alone my grade can not vote.
We have CNN on in the background in one of our classes, and some people have no idea who Palin is.
I have a McCain/Palin bumper sticker on one of my notebooks and I had a kid ask me yesterday, "oh is McCain's last name Palin?"...seriously I thought they were joking, but than realized they weren't and was in a state of shock.
I am so glad that I can vote in this election because I have made the choice to become an informed voter. I don't listen to the commentaries in the media and I read a ton and make my own decision on who to vote for, regardless of the fact that who I'm voting for gets me a LOT of criticism among my peers and friends.
I have a bad feeling about this election. If McCain wins (and I pray that he does) there will probably be "race wars" as many people will feel Obama lost because "he is black". If McCain loses, who knows what Obama will do. Honestly, the man sort of scares me. I hate the thought that he didn't help to pass the anti live birth abortion bill. But that's just me.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi.

BTW I loved The Nanny Diaries book so much more than the movie too!

Rion said...

I'm voting for Hillary cause I dont think either candidate is good enough. I refuse to vote for a person I do not think to be fit for office.

Tabitha Blue said...

Good way to put it... I agree, only vote if you KNOW what you're voting for! It's amazing how many people don't really know what's going on besides the fact that there's an election. I'm voting the same way you are... and I know exactly why! Thanks for sharing this post!

Oh, and, no I didn't win anything either... bummer. At least it was a fun day and I had the chance to meet people like you! :)


Insane Mama said...

I agree don't vote if you have no clue what you are voting on!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Great message. I would never vote just to vote. I am always trying to get my facts strait befor i vote. This elction thoe my head feels like it's going to exsplode with all i have learened.

EmmaP said...

i LOVE that you blogged about this! I am not very politically-minded. However, I do take my voting responsibilities seriously. And therefore, before each election - even the local ones - i read up on the issues, form my own opinion and then try to vote for whomever believes the most like me! nice job!

Tiffany said...

I feel very strongly about voting.

My problem is who to vote for.

My ballot is sitting here and right now, I think the Libertarian Party may get my vote.

I want to send the message that we need more options.

How can these candidates be the best our country has to offer?

Jennie said...

you go girl... I totally agree... I can't understand living in this day and age, with all the information we have available to us that people don't know wha tis going on....I am glad you do.. you rock!!!

Katy Lin :) said...

love this! thanks for posting about it, i've been trying to put into words what i'm feeling about this election so that i can post about it too, but now i might just link to your post, lol :)

Ronnica said...

I wrote a similiar post to this a few weeks ago. We should vote on the issues and our values, not the external things. It's important to get informed and THEN vote.

WheresMyAngels said...

You are so right. I think this is the first election where ALOT of people will be voting but don't have a clue what the person is really about. Alot just want a first.

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