Thursday, October 9, 2008

at least one good reason to NOT be a celeb!

I was just watching GMA & apparently people everywhere (tabloids & such) are commenting about Cheryl Burke's weight. They think she's fat!!! Are you serious?
She said herself on the show that she's a size 4, same as last season, but that she has gained weight. A.whole.5.pounds. Woo! 5 pounds. If that makes her fat, I can't be more glad that I'm NOT a celebrity. What would they have thought about my pregnancy and the fact that over a year after my son was born, I still have at least 10 pounds of baby weight still packed on?!
Geez, people are unbelievable. I searched it on Google, and there are forums talking about her being pregnant (at least 4 months) and how she's fat (or at the very least, more curvy). If that's what she looks like 4 months pregnant (which she is NOT), I want that kind of pregnancy.
What kind of message are we sending our children and ourselves?? That you need to be UNDER size 4 to be skinny? That you can't pack on 5 pounds without everyone thinking you're pregnant?
I love how Cheryl ended her interview this morning. She just opened her own dance studio, and she wants nothing more than to promote physical fitness. Thank you! That is the message we want to send our progeny: that being beautiful includes exercise but not one boxed up image of what "beautiful & skinny" is. You can be a size 14 as long as you're taking care of yourself.
I know it breaks my heart to see celebrity women told how "fat" they are. And it breaks my heart that many Hollywood mommies feel the need to be back to their original size mere weeks after the birth of their children. Don't they have something better to do (like care for said children) instead of working hours in a gym??? I can't recall a doctor telling me to work out the following week.



EmmaP said...

oh my gosh! then I definitely wouldn't want to be a celeb!!! i still have about 34-40 lbs to go!!! they might think i have 20 babies in there and are about 10 years over-due! hahahahaha!

Angie said...

I'm with you! She is a knock-out! I don't know what's wrong with these people who think skin and bones is attractive? Skinny looks unhealthy, sickly.
I wonder how tall she is.
I tend to be on the too thin side (not my fault, just in my genes, I'm pretty active and apparently I have a high metabolism) and I would love to look like her!
I think I looked my best right after my babies were born, I think I weighted around 135, which was chunky for me since I only wighted like 98 lbs (I know, waaaaay too skinny)when I got pregnant. I'm good with my weight now as long as I can stay above 112 (I'm 5'5"), I'm ok.

Heidi said...

What a fattie! Please. I have rolls bigger than her. That is so stupid, they kill themselves to be in shape. She's beautiful.

Jennie said...

I would still kill to have a body like that... nope NOT fat at all....

Rachel said...

They think this woman is fat!?!?!

Kind of makes me glad I have a son....

Honey Mommy said...

I wish I was "fat" like she is!

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