Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is how I feel today! Just happy!

I called VA yesterday to talk to Ms. A about maybe when we might hear if we got the 3rd interview. She basically told me that they just need to pick a date in order to make travel arrangements!

Really??? I don't know if she knew that we hadn't been told yet. BUT a little birdie also confirmed the interview. So now we just have to wait for it to be official.

I'm so excited. I get to be on a plane for my boys' first plane rides. We get to all go to a new state together. We get to see our best friends! We get to interview for what's turning out to be our dream job.

And I did finally tell my mom. Just to clarify, I hadn't told her because I didn't want to tell her and then have our interview process be really long OR not get the job. But she asked if she got to keep Moose while we go to VA for the interview....um, no? I've never been away from him for a night, let alone a few nights in another state. No way. He'll be our traveling companion.

Anyway, keep us in your prayers because it's not done yet. And pray for me now because someone has left me a stinky gift in his diaper....as he did 6 times yesterday (yes, 6).


Cecily R said...

Good luck...with all of it!!

EmmaP said...

wow. great opportunity. good luck...you're in my prayers~!

Shannon said...

so exciting!!! :)

jfrank said...

This is so exciting!!

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